Canadian blinded from the snow a car to raffle janitors, and attracted the attention of police

A resident of Montreal, Simon Lapras (Simon Laprise) made a snow car in full size. He wanted to play janitors who will clean the snow, but struck a more unusual purpose — police.

“I love to invent and design things,” — said the 33-year-old engineer and a carpenter in an interview with BuzzFeed Canada.

“I made this car just to have fun and Express their creative ideas in this beautiful day”.

While clearing snow to Park on this road is impossible, so “car” attracted the attention of the police.

One of them inspected the snow machine and, apparently, realized that it is impossible to write a fine snowman.

And yet the police played up the Joker left him a note with the words “You made our evening” and a smile.

Appearing on Reddit, the photos became viral. Lapray said that it has received an incredible amount of attention, and the number of inbound messages that his computer was frozen. “I wanted to play the guys that clean the snow. I didn’t expect a fine and the more that photos will become popular.”

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