14 reasons to love Meghan Markle, or Why Elizabeth II is the wife of Prince Harry

Since then, as a former American actress and model Meghan Markle married the Duke of Sussex Prince Harry, her name does not descend from pages of Newspapers. The thing is that the girl is not like any other Royal person and tries to show it.

For anybody not a secret that the British elite, including Queen Elizabeth II, dislike the darling Prince Harry. Why? Read our material.

Moving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from Kensington Palace

According to official sources, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left Kensington Palace, as tired of the excessive attention of the paparazzi. However, there is a theory that in fact the newly minted Duchess just did not get along with Kate Middleton.

Hair Megan

According to Royal Protocol, Duchess of hair should always be perfectly coiffed, but Megan Markle ignores this rule, however, as many others. Instead of the elegant styling on the woman’s head you can often see a normal beam.

Clothing Megan

Often in the direction of Meghan Markle rained accusations that the girl chooses the “inappropriate” outfits and other Royal person could hardly afford it…

For example, here at Megan dress “funeral” in black, which, moreover, does not cover my knees.

A sundress from “too hot” section. In addition, in most of the outfits the Duchess is dominated by the shoulder, which is also prohibited.

Megan she slams the car door

According to the rules, Princess is unable to independently open and close the door of the car and needs to wait for the maid to do it for her. However, as you know, Megan Markle — not one of those who sticks to the rules. That’s why the paparazzi have repeatedly witnessed how the girl herself comes out of the car and slams the door.

By the way, the Queen once also “caught” in this lesson…

Behavior at official events

At the formal meetings the representatives of the Royal family should be extremely restrained, emotional but Meghan Markle is sometimes unable to control his feelings and starts to hug everyone.

Wedding with Harry

When organizing a wedding with Prince Harry Meghan Markle has made many of his amendments, which, of course, did not remain without attention of the guests. First, the British elite worried wedding speech of the Duchess: according to the rules the bride was silent.

Second, was not liked by the visitors and the wedding cake chosen Meghan Markle, because of traditional Royal cake, the girl refused.

Demonstration sense

According to the rules of the Palace, the Duke and Duchess should not show their feelings on people, and this concerns both kissing and simple hugging or walking “hand in hand”. However, Harry and Megan, apparently, madly in love with each other and not going to hide it.

Contact Megan press

In 2017, Meghan Markle gave an interview to Vanity Fair in which he spoke about his relationship with Prince Harry. At that time they were not yet engaged, so their communication with journalists Megan broke the rules to give any comments to the media was only possible after the official engagement.

Political speech Megan

A few years ago, Megan Markle said publicly that will leave from USA to Canada, if Donald trump becomes President. What happened: after the election of a trump the girl is, indeed, left the States. And even then Megan was not yet a Duchess, following political statements left a bad mark in its history.

Age Megan

“Love for all ages”, thought the Prince Harry and is married to Meghan Markle, who over his three years. Usually the Royal people, it is considered unacceptable.

Acting career Megan

Before her marriage with Prince Harry Meghan Markle was an actress, and she sometimes had to act in quite explicit scenes. Let’s hope that Queen Elizabeth had not seen these movies…

Megan was already married

From 2011 to 2013 Meghan Markle was married to the American Director Trevor Angelzoom. In November 2016, the actress refused financial support from ex-husband, and then Kensington Palace confirmed the information about the relationship of Megan and Harry.

Model past Megan

Megan Markle few years of modeling and many photo shoots for a glamorous gloss. Some pictures of the current Duchess of the British elite believes is too revealing. I can only imagine what would have happened if Meghan Markle at the time, posed for Playboy magazine…

Family Megan

In the veins of relatives of Meghan Markle flows not the blue blood. In addition, her family is originally from the United States.

How do you think these reasons are enough to consider Meghan Markle not a suitable wife for a Prince?

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