Norwegian dancer on the pylon has amazed Reddit users with his power

Such a thing as “the weaker sex” with each passing year becomes more and more conditional. Modern women not only perform men’s work, but also often capable of giving the men “the odds” in physical strength. Amazing video performance by the Norwegian dancers on the pole, won Reddit, confirms this fact.

The surprise and delight of Reddit users called the videoposted by one of the users of the network. In the video 24-year-old Gorila the Sina (Goril Sinov), participant in the talent show Norways Got Talent, dressed as Santa turns on the pole, hold your weight with only one hand.

Despite the design of the pole, which rotates around its axis, this trick is very complicated even for the trained men, as it requires great physical strength and coordination of movements. The video called “amazing arms”, was published in late December and immediately scored more than 75 thousands of Apatow.

Below the video immediately sparked discussion, which showed a specific activity men. Opinions differed, but in most cases, a dancer from the soul admired. Some boys also took the opportunity to note that I would not like to get involved in a fight with a girl so athletic.

There were those who with foam at a mouth proved that on a spinning pole this trick easier to do than on the fixed support. Whatever it was, no one volunteered to repeat the dance and put it up on the record as evidence of their opinion and the majority of the audience beauty was recognized as unsurpassed.

“This movement is called “walk fairy”. Hanging on one hand on a revolving pole HARD. This not only requires a strong grip. But when the pole is spinning, you have to deal with centrifugal force, making movement much more difficult than those performed on static pole.
She [the woman in the video] takes a more complex version of movement that keeps the body away from the pole. After all, if the hand or the side touches the pole, they provide extra grip which helps to keep it”.

Commented on the video, the user with the nickname Charlatan_89 and with him, many agreed.

“Note to self… Dancer pole can kick my fucking ass.”

Said the commentator with the nickname Hitlers_Big_Cock.

Reditary quickly found instagram dancers and found a lot of interesting things. As it turned out, Gorila of the Sina can demonstrate many more complex tricks — you can verify this by viewing the videos in its account. In particular, there is a movie in which a girl revolves around a pole, not even holding hand, and the inner part of the forearm.

Or foot, risking to tear off her skin.

Also impressed by the trick sliding along the pylon.

In addition to the video in your account, there are photos of Norwegian dancers, the beauty of which is also admirable.

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