17 alcoholic beverages with the most strange and unexpected taste

Taste — this is exactly what are so attracted to food, taste is one of the most amazing feelings, given to people by nature. Just try to imagine life if you won’t feel the taste of food. Did you try it? We too were horrified.

Well, what about alcoholic beverages? We then discovered that there are even successfully sold vodka, Bourbon and beer with the most unexpected tastes — all well-known dishes, such as popcorn and pizza.

Thus, the selection of the most crazy flavors you can try in liquid form.

Vodka with taste of well-done bacon. Price — $ 29.

Vodka with the taste of buttered popcorn. Price — $ 11.

French vodka with the taste of toffee Apple. Price — $ 11.

Vodka with taste of chilli. Manufacturers write on the bottle that the drink on the scale of the sharpness of the taste of Scoville will give everyone a head start. Price — $ 39.

Polish vodka with the taste of wasabi. Price — $ 19.

American beer flavored pizza. Manufacturers swear that you will feel the taste of oregano, garlic, Basil and tomatoes.

English vodka with the taste of chocolate, marshmallows and Graham crackers. Price — $ 23.

American vodka with the taste of tomatoes is perfect for a cocktail “Bloody Mary”. Price — $ 27.

French vodka with the taste of shortbread. Price — $ 10.

French vodka with the taste of spicy habanero. Price — $ 13.

Vodka with a taste of cilantro and lime. Price — $ 20.

Vodka flavored donut covered with frosting. Price — $ 15.

The flavoured vodka double espresso. Price — $ 25.

British Bourbon with the taste of peanut butter and jam. Price — $ 56.

Alaskan vodka with the taste of smoked salmon. Price — $ 22.

Polish vodka with the taste of freshly cut grass. Price — $ 10.

And finally the most interesting Polish vodka with the taste of an electric discharge. Gotta be careful with that bottle.

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