Beating cancer: a touching story of three babies

Photograph these three adorable little girls circled the Internet in 2014. Each of them early in his life faced with a terrible challenge: the baby suffered from various forms of cancer. Today’s photo — the same crumbs two years later. Grown up and happy, they produce an amazing experience, because for each of them a smile — difficult years of treatment.

Three girls who survived cancer: the difference between the two photos is two years.

The names of these wonderful girls Reann Franklin (Rheann Franklin), Ensley Peters (Ainsley Peters) and Riley Hagee (Rylie Hughey). Studio photo-session was conducted for them the photographers Laura Scantling (Lora Scantling) and Gudger Christy (Christy Goodger). The project took place in Oklahoma, USA. In the first photo, taken two years ago, the girls in airy dresses hugging each other, their embrace symbolizes the help and support and willingness to cooperate with those who have the same problems.

Photo two years later.

Over the past two years the girls have undergone a lot of difficulties associated with treatment. Today they are all in remission, the disease receded and the animals have the opportunity to live a full life. They go to school, play with friends, and even engaged in dancing and gymnastics. The idea to gather the girls again and take pictures next to the first the has been very successful.

Shkodnogo and Groovy.

According to the organizers of the project, new photography can be a great motivation for all who fight with cancer. These girls by his example change your life, attract the attention of society to the problem of childhood cancer. They are true heroines!

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