When it comes to skin-care products, be a smart buyer, dermatologists say

Indulging in over-the-counter skin-care products is something that we are all guilty of.

As consumers, when we are investing in something as essential as skin-care, we need to change the status quo established by craftily made advertisements, and dive ourselves deep into understanding into our own skin’s needs.
Age as a factor

According to dermatologist Dr. Manohar Sobhani, a person’s skin’s needs vary in different age groups.

“Below the age of 25, people generally have oily and acne-prone skin. In the ages 25 to 35, there is a mix batch of people suffering from of oily and dry skin, and these days, we see a lot of acne because of the hormonal imbalance. After 30, the skin begins to dry and age,” he says.  

Hence, according to their age group and skin type, one needs to know what products will suit them the best. Mindlessly investing in products that don’t cater to one’s skin can treat it to the point of irreversible damage.

“People below the age of 25 need to use products that don’t block their pores, as they can increase the pigmentation,” says the doctor.

PH level as a factor

Going back to our science textbooks, one needs to recall that the pH of skin is 5.5. Hence, products that have less or more pH should be strictly avoided.

“Most of the soaps are pH 11, some are even pH 12. Anything between pH 7 and pH 11 is alkaline, so it’s harmful for the skin. We strongly recommend not using soap that causes foam because they are alkaline. It is very important to only buying skin care products with pH 5.5,” he warns.

Ingredient as a factor  

According to the dermatologist, using sunscreen throughout the year is mandatory. Though, even choosing which sunscreen to use can be tricky nowadays.

“Unfortunately, in sunscreen, you now have whitening and lightening agents. These agents peel off your skin, as they are chemicals, and end up damaging than repairing,” he highlights. Therefore, one needs to stay to the basics and avoid getting trapped into the marketing gimmicks.

Another core ingredient one needs to watch out for is Vitamin C that has anti-ageing properties and micronutrients.

“If you are using a product with Vitamin C, you should use it as soon as possible, because otherwise it oxidises. Stable Vitamin C is difficult to procure, as it gets expensive,” he shares.


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