She has lost 50 kg to son stopped teasing because of her excess weight

A resident of Chelyabinsk, Yulia Slabco became famous to all Russia thanks to his brave and noble act. 33-year-old woman has lost 50 kg, when she learned that her son teased in kindergarten because of his “fat mom”.

The story of Julia weight loss you can read below. The result of this girl really deserves respect.

Another year and a half ago, the Russian Julia Slabco weighed 112 kg, had difficulty walking, was leading a passive lifestyle and eat bad food. The girl wore a 58 size clothing, and dresses and short skirts could only dream of.

But at one point, Julia decided to radically change his life. The impetus for action was a fight involving her son…

Julia took his son Vova from the garden, when suddenly a boy shouted after him: “you Have a fat mother!”. Vladimir behaved like a real defender and rushed into a fight with her mother. Fortunately, all ended well — the children are immediately separated. However, this case is so hurt Yulia, she decided to immediately begin to change your life.

The first thing a girl have revised your diet — completely refused from sweets, oily and junk food. Julia also increased the number of meals to five a day (Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner) and paid special attention to drinking enough water.

Immediately go to the gym, Julia was not, as the extra weight would not allow her to do sports. Besides physical health of the girl was not the best.

So she decided to start your weight loss journey with a daily 30-minute walks.

After six weeks of this way of life Julia lost 12 kg, and then, after going to the gym, dropped another 10 pounds in 4 months.

The girl tells that it was working with my trainer 4-5 times a week.

Julia now weighs 63 kg and wears a 42 size of clothes, and all of your old stuff 58 size were taken to the village and distributed. Return to old forms of the girl just is not going to.

On the contrary, it plans to continue to lose weight and then — at least until 57 kg.

In addition, she wants to take part in the competition fitness bikini. We can only wish her luck.

Have you met cases when people were able to radically change your life?

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