Thai teacher improves the pupil’s drawings. It turns out great!

Remember: when on the school’s homework with a red pen had written something else besides grades, nothing good is not foreshadowed. Most likely, it was unflattering words about the diligence of the author. If you certainly not studied at the Bangkok school for foreigners, where natural Sciences are taught Imgur Skitime.

He was with the disciples on the short leg. If someone took a job with pririsoval face, Imgur always added to sketch something. Gradually it became a tradition, and every scholar regardless of their artistic ability have devoted a little time drawing to receive in response a funny story. Over the years the school Imgur gathered a rich collection of joint sketches.

“Maybe he’ll grow up… normal?”

“Come on, hurry up!”

“Hey, bear! Give me your lunch money!”

“Protective bubble”.

“Now get out of here!”

“This herbivore appeared out of nowhere… I love you, son.”

“Fight, you chicken!”

— I’m on fire!!!
— Move away from me!

“Very cool!”

“Congratulations 100% result!”

We are done with the drawing?

— No.

“Drawing contest”.

“School for the penguins.”

— You’re a good teacher!
— Cool! Thank you!

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