Veteran sex-service: revelations of a legendary prostitute with 25 years of experience

After 25 years working as a prostitute air force Amy (Air Force Amy) has become the most popular employee of the famous brothels in Nevada. Amy told the editor Vice Broadly about their work, life and why she calls herself Michael Jordan sex.

The most popular prostitute in the world-famous public house called the Moonlight Bunny Ranch is not your average hooker with the appearance of Marilyn Monroe, who came into the industry of sex services from the world of porn. Air force Amy is a former US air force servicemen, which says that “Fucks like a Sergeant dealing with drill”, earns hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, and from time to time inadvertently knock into walls during orgasm. This year veteran sex services celebrates 25 years in the industry of carnal pleasures.

“I spent 25 years of fucking and doing Blowjob — she said in stride. — I’m the Michael Jordan of sex. I have a real talent like tiger woods or Shaquille O’neal”. “Why I cite the example of only black men?” — she laughs. “Among whites is simply not that good at his job people!” — right laughs Amy.

Amy looks like the singer from the 60s, but talks like her namesake Amy Winehouse. A few minutes after the beginning of the conversation she starts laughing in the pauses between the sentences. At first it looks like he’s on drugs, but over time it becomes clear that this is just a defense mechanism of the psyche, trying to cope with stress. Through constant giggles Amy recounts as treated for post-traumatic stress disorder, which is earned while serving in the air force during the second half of the 1980s.

“I think that PTSD was caused by all the abuse I suffered in childhood. In addition, it has exacerbated the difficulties of military service. Over time, come to find out that I can qualify for disability, because the service is seriously undermined my health,” — said Amy.

However, not everything that is faced Amy, threatened her psyche. Although the lion’s share of her stories sounds very unusual. In the 1990s, for example, she worked in a brothel for the gangsters. After one of her clients could not to cum he asked her if he could be an inflatable toy. “Go where you fucking need,” said Amy. After some time her client came back with an inflatable dinosaur, and Amy, expelling a ‘Hmph’, and attached it somehow to themselves. They continued, but this time the man did not. In the end, he jumped up, grabbed a rubber toy and was attached directly to it: here too it all went like clockwork. “He was like a jackhammer!” — Amy choked a laugh, remembering. This client, according to her, had come to Amy’s with his inflatable dinosaur.

Amy grew up on a ranch in Ohio. “I was a normal kid, a typical girl from the Midwest, lying in the hay and Smoking cigarettes,” she says.

In the first class when she noticed how the boys spying on the girls, Amy suddenly came up, as it may strengthen the position of children in society. “The girls didn’t like it — they simply went crazy, just hearing about the spying. However, I saw this as a kind of supply and demand. The boys wanted to look under the skirt, and girls were not allowed to do that. But I had a skirt. So I told the guys: “Give me the money that your parents gave you ice cream and then you will be able to see my panties.” And the boys agreed. And I loved ice cream,” said Amy. She believes that these children’s games was kind of the first step towards prostitution.

Amy continued to trade body in your youth, however, on a more serious level. However, in the beginning of the third decade of life, she decided to serve in the air force: it was as she said, is much safer than prostitution. From 1985 to 1990 she served in the Philippines. Amy said that at that time received many awards. “I just dutifully undertook to perform the job for which others did not want to take. Then I saw a lot of what you now prefer not to remember. Because of this, I drank like a fish,” shared Amy.

From 1993 to 2000, Amy worked in the so-called “private hotels”, where girls were forbidden even to enter without permission. She describes her pimp as a terrible, cruel man, who completely controlled her life. When she managed to get out for the first time, the first few weeks she spent wandering around the city and rampant alcohol and drug use, although she had money to rent an apartment.

In the late 1990s, Amy decided to become a real estate agent, but it didn’t work out. “One day I was at the Bellagio where we would visit the salon to bring your hair. In the cabin, I accidentally collided with Dennis Hof, owner of the brothel Banny Ranch, and his friend Ron Jeremy. They arrived in Bellagio on awards AVN (American Adult Video News magazine presents awards for achievements in the creation of porn. — Approx. ed.). We struck up a conversation, and, though little I knew about porn, and had no idea who these two are, I decided to hang out with them,” said Amy.

During the time spent with these two, Amy has learned that Dennis contains a famous brothel, where rules were much more liberal than in those institutions where she worked before. In the end, Dennis persuaded her to go to work for him, what helped him including Madame Suset performing in a brothel functions “mommy”-pimp.

“It took me seven months to decide on “change” master. My then pimp was a very dangerous type, so I was afraid he would kill me and throw my body somewhere in the desert. His brothels were even named after the girls that he killed. But Suset ensured that the Bunny Ranch I would be safe, so one day I just Packed my things and ran to him. I started to serve wealthy clients, and I even had to quit drinking,” recalls Amy.

Amy managed to put together a large part of his fortune at the brothel Bunny Ranch due to different things: partly due to the refusal of alcohol, partly because Amy was smarter and more cunning than most of the other girls, and partly due to the fact that moths working on Dennis to be able to define themselves. The average price for sex with a prostitute ranged from 200 to 500 dollars, but once Amy learned that one of the girls earns a night with a customer of 10 thousand dollars. “Then I thought, damn, well, if she can, why I can’t?” she says. Then Amy raised the price for their services up to 3 thousand dollars per hour. While in Bunny Ranch none requested.

Amy has achieved some success in the use of media to attract customers. In the 2000s, she even pretended to be a porn star, creating a fake magazine called Air Force Amy Magazine: porn star could be entitled to 5 thousand dollars per hour. In our day, Amy uses Twitter, instant messengers, and even LinkedIn.

When in the brothel comes a new girl, Amy likes to teach them certain details of the profession and specific tricks. “Every girl should have their own client base. Some clients come to me even from the earliest days of my work in the Bunny Ranch. When they write me an email, I just can’t help but answer,” — said Amy.

“I can honestly say that I just made up myself. No one helped me. I think it was the right thing. God kept me alive for all these years. Must be some reason that I spent in those damn brothels 25 years, look so cool. I survived by getting out of rags to riches, and it’s cool that I can still do what you love” — says Amy.

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