And drunken laughter, and drunken sin: the 12 best movies about Vino

Because there’s nothing to be ashamed of, we all have great respect and love Vino, stuff. Yes, there are moments in life when Chateau de Tetra Pak flows, but we generally approach the issue responsibly and academically. Here’s the proof — a list of the best movies about wine and winemaking.

“The secret of Santa Vittoria” (directed by Stanley Kramer, 1969)

First, there is Anthony Quinn and Anna Magnani luxury, and secondly, it is bright and Sunny story of dedication, their land and its wine.

“A good year” (directed by Ridley Scott, 2006)

God, why don’t we have pateyron grandparents in France to leave us a vineyard in Provence? Everything is just so nasty and boring dudes, like the hero Russell Crowe. Well, nothing will be a vintage parade and tastings.

Sideways (Director Alexander Payne, 2004)

Two not the cutest, but typical of the loser to shake things up, go on a wine tour at the wineries of the California valleys. What came out of it, it is necessary to see with your own eyes. It is known that the wine list for the film was the Director himself, but soon many of the bottles had to be replaced by soft drinks, because the people on the set naturally was in a state of alcohol intoxication.

“Shock effect” (directed by Randall Miller, 2008)

The plot is a real fenomenalna sensation, which made American wine at the prestigious competition in France in 1976. Get-together of winemakers, Alan Rickman, and the hand immediately reaching for the glass.

Sealed (Corked, Directors Ross Clarenden, Paul Hawley, 2009)

A hilarious Comedy about how a small winery in Northern California are prepared and meet the wine auditor to assess their products. And drunken laughter, and drunken sin.

“Blood into wine” (directed by Ryan page, Christopher Pomerenke, 2010)

Cheerful documentary about Maynard James Keenan, vocalist of the brutal cult underground group Tool, which at some point got serious about winemaking, bought land in Arizona and became involved in wine. For the amusement of the wine experts. It will be interesting not only to fans of the musician, but to all wine enthusiasts.

“Red obsession” (directed by David roach, Warwick Ross, 2013)

Another documentary in the innocent wine list. A fascinating story about the sly Chinese who want to subjugate the wine industry and to shift from the pedestal of the major wine power.

Somm (directed by Jason wise, 2012)

The detailed and highly exciting narrative about the main competition for professional recognition in the environment of a sommelier. In 40 years of competition, Master Sommelier it managed to get only 220 connoisseurs.

“Autumn tale” (directed by Eric Rohmer, 1998)

Intriguing his love lace, as in all Rohmer’s movies, the story of the Dowager a specialist in winemaking.

“Mondovino” (directed by Jonathan Nossiter, 2004)

Documentary telling the story of the impact of globalization on the ancient wine tradition and wine-making clans.

“Falling leaves” (Director Otar Iosseliani, 1966)

Soviet production and the social drama of the young Iosseliani, his first full meter. In the story a young technologist of the winery Nico gets involved in a scandal when for the plan to employees of the plant have to develop bad Saperavi. If you are interested in Georgian wine and traditional Georgian winemaking, this picture is a must-see.

“Pitcher” (Director Irakli Kvirikadze, 1970)

TV movie about the adventures of a poor master, who happened to be in a huge jug wine “qvevri” when he repaired it, and three days from there could not get out. The script was written by all the famous Rezo Gabriadze.

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