Commotion in the clouds: the 200-pound fat man humiliated flight attendants in the toilet liner

Flight attendants Taiwanese airline EVA Air flight EN route on 19 January for the route Los Angeles — Taoyuan (Taiwan) will be remembered for a long time. One of the passengers that have serious problems with excess weight, turned the flight into a living hell. His behavior was so terrible that has caused the protest of the employees of the company.

Problems with fat passenger began landing. One of the conductors ill-fated flight, Kuo said that to take the man in the cabin was only with the help of special wheelchairs.

Barely once on Board, the fat man demanded that he be placed on three seats. As a different option to place a man of such dimensions in the plane, the flight attendants had to fulfill his wish.

But as it turned out, it was only “flowers” — as soon as the plane took to the air, the man wanted the toilet. The passenger insisted that he be provided access to the toilet business-class, as it is more spacious than in economy. And this request was made by the flight attendants — the man was brought under the white hands in the toilet located at the other end of the liner.

Most likely, the fat man got a taste, seeing the delicacy and accommodating flight attendants from Taiwan. In the bathroom he wished he dropped the pants. Kuo recalls with horror at this ugly moment.

“I told him that I will not do it, but he began to shout and threaten, that they will begin to defecate directly on the floor.”

The flight attendant was forced to wait until an eccentric passenger to finish his business and at his request helped him to dry off. After going to the bathroom the fat man again took his place, so as to move independently, he refused. All this time the man did not cease to row, to humiliate and insult the girls who performs his every whim.

After this incident EVA Air flight attendants appealed to the leadership of the airline with the requirement to begin to recruit men to “dilute” their women’s team. According to the girls, be among them a single the guy, arrogant American would not have dared behave so defiantly.

Require changes in personnel policies employee came with banners in their hands. What do you think — will men-stewards to act on CADS disciplinarum or better to allow flight attendants to conduct euthanasia moral monsters?

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