Stylist reveals the secrets of online shopping and advises on how not to make a wrong choice as these ladies

Women’s passion to buy something new, beautiful and with an irresistible. Good, now divorced many online stores that offer to buy any outfit with home delivery. Beauty, kindled a desire to buy fashion items at competitive prices, are attacking these sites. And now, the long-awaited package wrapped in her hands. And inside was… a disappointment. The original dress was a pouch sewn in the strange figure of an unidentified material.

These girls have also bought into the pretty pictures from websites. See real pictures of angry shoppers and read tips on how not to fall into the trap of attractive advertising, buying clothes in online stores.

Why fashion clothing looks in the picture great, but in reality you get something strange? The subtle tricks of the trade aims to ensure that the outfits on the models look as good as possible. To do this during a shoot next to the photographer is always the seamstress, ready at any time to correct all defects and to fit a dress on the figure, so it sat perfectly.

Too short dresses, peek-a-Boo overalls — not a single day goes by without complaints of outraged buyers. Angry comments piled in the address of online shopping continuously.

Stylist Lucas Armitage (Lucas Armitage) shared the secrets of the trade and told what tricks are cunning sellers to make their cheap product look the picture beautiful and high quality. Careful selection of models, dim lights, and even a seamstress on the set — not the entire list above to create the appearance of a perfect product.

Brands like PrettyLittleThing, Boohoo, eBay and H&M in recent months, come under the righteous anger of the indignant buyers. In parcels of people who find things that are not appropriate in size, stitched incorrectly and not looking like the picture.
Jessica Saunders (Jessica Saunders) from Kent bought this black mini dress size in 46 New year’s eve on the website LittlePrettyThing. She was in shock from the outfit, which was much shorter than expected
The mother of three children, 46-year-old Karen Godfrey (Karen Godfrey), from Lincolnshire, had ordered what was supposed to be “light pink dress with a smell” size 50 on the website Boohoo for £ 20 (1700 rubles). The woman almost burst out laughing when he saw what was in the pouch. The size of the outfit was less at times. Karen posted on the Internet a video where he showed his bad purchase

“Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what you buy, because sellers are trying to put the goods in the best light. In addition, the Studio is exposed properly light and photograph each outfit to 150 times to choose the perfect option,” says Lucas.

The stylist suggests before you buy to check the fabric composition of the product and to note that clothing sizes from different brands can not match.
Ellen Williams (Ellen Williams) ordered this fancy new online shop PrettyLittleThing in November. The order came in December and, according to 21-year-old girl, she’s in that jumpsuit looks like a “transvestite, something went wrong”
For advertising photo sleeves of this dress seem to be normal in size. But 22-year-old Becky Reynolds did not appreciate the product from the site PrettyLittleThing — it was with sleeves below the knee

Size dresses is one of the main characteristics. But for example in Britain, clothing sizes do not have clearly defined parameters, so products from different manufacturers have different standards. Brand M&S, for example, produces clothes in larger sizes. Brands want to get key audience of buyers, so look at the demographic level, body measurements and clothing sizes this category of people. Then, based on these data, they develop their options clothing. Boohoo brand focused on the youth audience, therefore the size of their products is much less than the brands that focus on older women.

Lucas focuses on the fact that the buyers need to lower the bar to fleeting fashion.
On the website depicted the coat is knee-length. When Gemma (Gemma) tried it at home, just “drowned” in it,Ashley Nicole Teran (Ashley Nicole Tehran) from Miami has acquired little black dress on the website LittlePrettyThing for $ 35. But in reality it was much shorter thanClaire ordered the dress in H&M on the website and posted pictures of a failed purchase in Instagram

Stylist Lucas says that most buyers are looking for cheaper deals, but I don’t think it will affect the quality of the product.

“Cheap clothing is sewn with minimal costs. You have to look at things rationally, so as not to be disappointed. Buying cheap things, you throw away money”, explains the expert.

Lucy Anderson-Roberts (Lucy Anderson-Roberts) bought this black top with slits on the PrettyLittleThing website to wear it with trendy trousers with a high waist. 27-year-old girl was shocked when tried on thing — her Breasts simply fell out of decorative cuts
These pants are sold in the online store Boohoo. Allie Berwick (Berwick Ellie) from Yorkshire has become trendy pants size 48. As a result, they fit only in one leg
28-year-old Lisa Williamson (Lisa Williamson) from Edinburgh bought the red one new year’s formfitting catsuit “a standard size” on eBay for 7 pounds (600 rubles). But the duds were so close that the girl had to literally squeeze into it

A representative of H&M responded to the indignant comments of frustrated customers:

“We are gradually changing dimensional grid of their products to suit our customers from the UK. Highly recommend watching the table with the appropriate measurements on our website before buying”.

PrettyLittleThing the representative said that they always respond to the complaints of the customers compensate for the cost of things and trying to fix the situation in the future.

Tips on how to avoid trouble while shopping in the online store:

1. Be choosy buyer. Imagine, if you walk around the store and looking at things on mannequins. On display they look perfect, but have a completely different look when you put them on in the fitting room.
2. The same size can vary in different brands.
3. Check measurements.
4. Make purchases safely. Most sites indicate the model parameters for pictures and offer a size chart, but give the opportunity to order the thing and try it at home.
5. Be realistic. Cheap things are never good quality.

Advertising — the engine of progress. Those who promote this progress, are all gimmicks to lure unsuspecting buyer. Beautiful picture on the Internet does not mean that the premise you will find a stunning dress, not a shapeless bag. Do you often buy clothes in online stores?

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