So different: stars and their twins, which you probably didn’t know

Blood is thicker than water. They are so different, but at the same time similar. In this issue you will find Russian and Western celebrities who have brothers and sisters, twins, whose existence you might not know.

Natalia and Yuliana Podolskaya

The singer Natalia Podolsky’s got a twin sister Juliana who was younger than his star sister for two minutes. Julian lives in the USA, but despite the miles, the girls are very close. Even their firstborn sisters got pregnant almost simultaneously, with a difference of one month. Juliana took part in the career of the sisters, working her concert Director.

Scarlett and hunter Johansson

Hunter Scarlett Johansson under three minutes. 12 years a hunter along with his sister starred in the Comedy “the Thieves”, but his career ended: the guy chose to engage in politics.

Igor and Vadim Vernice

The fact that the actor and TV presenter Igor Vernik, a brother Vadim, it’s no secret. But few know that the guys are twins. Like brother, Vadim Vernik tied his career with television (he is sending “Who’s there…” on the channel “Culture”). Also Vadim directs the magazine “OK!”.

VIN Diesel and Paul Vincent

Have a bald and beefy VIN Diesel is curly and slender twin brother Paul Vincent, who under her maiden name mother works as kinomontage.

Ashton and Michael Katchery

Twin sister of actor Ashton Kutcher, Michael was born with cerebral palsy, and at age 13 moved a heart transplant. As an adult, Michael, despite illness, made up of smaller heights than his famous brother, but in a different region.

He is a lawyer, handles cases of children with cerebral palsy and performs regularly in the U.S. Congress, promoting new medical research for the study and prevention of this disease.

Gisele and Patricia Bundchen

Patricia was born five minutes earlier, but in the end Giselle walked his twins in the modeling business, where Patricia tried to force in my youth. But the sisters have no competition. “Thank you for that you always rely from the first day of our lives. I love you very much” — Bundchen congratulated his “older” sister with its 35th anniversary.

Eva green and her sister joy

Twins Eva and joy green born in Paris with a difference of two minutes — the actress is older than his sister. Eva does not hide the fact that she has a twin sister, but no personal information about a relative is a star not to torture: Joey worked as a lawyer, and the attention of press to her person did not need it.

Elvis Presley

The legendary musician is also one of the twins, but his twin Jesse Garon died shortly after birth.

Zhanna Friske

8 July 1974 in Moscow into the family of Kopylov for two months prematurely born twins, but the boy died from asphyxia during childbirth. On this she was already an adult.

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