19 crazy facts about bill gates house worth $ 123 million

Bill gates, one of the founders of the Microsoft company with a capital of nearly $ 90 billion, is one of the richest men in the United States.

So you should not be surprised that one of the richest men in the world lives in a difficult home. Gates took 7 years and 63 million dollars to build his Medina estate called Xanadu 2.0. The house covers an area of over 6 thousand square meters — it is just huge and, of course, literally crammed with all sorts of high-tech innovations.

For construction were used more than 1000 cubic metres of timber — 500-year-old Californian fir. Over the house employed more than 300 workers, including 100 electricians.

To date, the value of the estate is 123 million dollars. Gates bought the lot in 1988 for $ 2 million. And annual property taxes — about $ 1 million.

High-tech sensor system helps guests of the estate to monitor the temperature and lighting in the room. Guests are given a device with which they can control the sensors around the house. Thanks hidden under the Wallpaper speakers guests from room to room may be accompanied by music.

To reduce the cost of heating the house uses the surrounding nature. Estate Xanadu 2.0 is designed so that the environment helps to regulate temperature.

Artwork can be changed with one click. Located throughout the home computer displays the amount of 80 thousand dollars will show any picture or photo. Data is stored on devices with a total value of 150 thousand dollars.

The pool has its own underwater music system. The pool is located in a separate building with an area of 1200 square meters — a large brown building in the photo. You can swim under a glass wall and exit to the outdoor terrace. In the house there is also a locker room with four showers and two bathrooms.

In the house there is a room with a trampoline and a 6-meter high ceiling. However, it is unknown how large the trampoline, but agree that it is much nicer and more fun than boring exercise. Speaking of exercises: in the house there is a room for sports with an area of 762 square meters with sauna, steam room and separate locker rooms for men and women. (Photo of a room with a trampoline in the house of bill gates.)

Hall for receiving guests incredible size and can accommodate up to 200 people. In the hall area of 700 square meters has 150 Seating places for dinner, about 200 standing guests for a cocktail party. One wall is a fireplace of white stone, the other a huge video screen with a width of 6.7 meters.

The house has 24 bathrooms, ten of which are full bathrooms.

In the estate of bill gates six dishes. They are located in different parts of the house that, apparently, the staff was ready for absolutely any event.

In the huge library is the manuscript, for which bill gates paid more than $ 30 million. The library has a domed roof and two secret wardrobe, one of which is a bar. The ceiling displayed a quote from the novel “the Great Gatsby”: “Long was the road that led him to this velvety lawns, and he probably thought that now that his dream is so close, reach out and he will get it.”

The library also houses the manuscript of Leonardo da Vinci, Leicester Codex, written in the XVI century. Bill gates purchased the manuscript in 1994 for 30.8 million dollars.

In the home theater with plush comfortable seats can accommodate up to 20 people. (Photo of home theater gates.)

The house which formerly stood on the site of the future estate, to be moved to a barge to free up space for multi-mansion. Photo: sea barge with three homes in the Strait of Georgia near Richmond, British Columbia, August 1, 2012.

The house features the same high-tech gadgets, and the main house. Moreover, it was built before the main to test the technology.

In total, the garages of the mansion, placed 23 of the machine. Garages are located in different parts of the estate. One of them is a underground cave, made of concrete and stainless steel.

Bill gates has a favorite tree. Watching him 24 hours a day. Saying that gates was very attracted to 40-year-old maple that grows near the road near the house. Behind a tree watching with the help of computers. If he lacks water, it automatically turns on irrigation.

On the estate there is an artificial Creek where the fish swims. Artificial Creek and pond has created in order to solve the problem with the drains. In water lives the salmon and sea trout. (Artificial river in the photo is not owned by gates.)

Every year the beach takes the sand with the Caribbean Islands of Saint Lucia. Photo: the airport in Castries, capital of Saint Lucia.

Microsoft holds an annual auction where employees exhibit their products and services. Proceeds go to the charity Fund of the company. Once gates was put up for auction offering a tour to the Xanadu 2.0. According to the journal Puget Sound Business Journal, one of the Microsoft employees bought the tour for $ 35,000.

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