Kamal Nath vows to dump farm bills if voted back to power

Former chief minister Kamal Nath on Thursday vowed to dump the 3 farm bills passed in the parliament recently if Congress returned to power in the November 3 by-elections in 28 assembly seats in the state.

In a statement issued here, Mr Nath who resigned from post of chief minister in March this year after ruling Congress lost majority in the house following resignation of 22 party MLAs, said, “I will rescind the decision to implement the 3 controversial farm bills in the state if I return to power in the state in the November 3 assembly by-polls. This will be my first move after I assume office”.

Mr Nath described the 3 bills as ‘anti-farmer’ and alleged the bills were moved in the parliament to benefit the big business houses and corporate.

The bills were passed in the parliament undemocratically; he said adding that the Centre has hurt the federal structure of the country by infringing upon the rights of the states.

Mr Nath feared that the farmers would be left at the mercy of big business houses when the bills came into force in the states.

“The business houses will dictate the procurement prices of the food grains. They will ensure fall of the procurement price by flooding the market with food grains during harvesting season forcing the farmers to go for distress sale of their produce”, Mr Nath said.



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