In the thrall of the warlock: a deadly thinness almost killed twin sisters from Russia

The fashion for thinness, more and more victims. Especially often under the influence of the standards of superstrains get teenagers who want to be like semi-transparent models from the world’s catwalks. Unfortunately, the desire to lose weight eventually turns into passion that slowly kills.

Anorexia sneaks up on you and takes away your claws, which later is very difficult to escape. Fortunately these girls managed to overcome a terrible illness and escape from death. As the twins almost went to the light due to a coveted career on the catwalk and how they managed to escape from the captivity of sickness, read our material.

Masha and Dasha Ledeneva of Russia celebrated its 15th anniversary in the hospital, after which their thinness has become critical.

Girls-models were similar to the “living dead”, after the model school they were told to lose some weight. The twins stayed in the hospital for 5 weeks and is now perfectly healthy.
The rising stars of the Russian podium, a 15-year-old Masha and Dasha Ledeneva, was diagnosed with anorexia after the release of one of Moscow’s gear with their participation in 2018.

Masha and Dasha Ledeneva, literally, turned into skeletons after being asked to lose weight in the model school
When the girls walked in a bikini, Dasha said that she was afraid to gain weight. Both of them silently bowed their heads when asked whether they are not afraid to die.

Their painful thinness caused the injury. And when Dasha fell unconscious after the catwalk on the catwalk, the twins were taken to the hospital.
They celebrated his 15th birthday in a hospital room and spent most of the Christmas holidays. Rapid weight loss led to heart problems.

The weight of Dashi fell to the critical 36.8 per kilo after the model school they pressured the girls to lose weight, if you want to become successful models.
Mary said that they were asked to lose some weight when they weighed 50 pounds. Dasha weighed less than her sister, but she thought to lose some more weight.

The twins are grateful to the reality show star Maria Kohno, who publicly fought for them to be immediately sent for treatment. It saved their lives.
Maria Kohno when she defeated anorexia.

“The day before yesterday a miracle happened: the twins were discharged from the hospital. You all remember what a mess the girls were when we brought them to Moscow and was diagnosed with anorexia. And today we were sitting in “Teahouse” and cracked a pizza,” wrote the star on his page in Instagram.

Now Masha and Dasha are ready to start a new, happy and healthy life. Dasha Kohno thanks for your support during this difficult period.

“This experience showed us what it means to love life, and who our real friends are. I want to say a big “thank you” Marina Kohno — You are the best! Now we feel fine.”

Girls go on, becoming even happier and healthier.
Two cute little sisters become the stars of the podium in 14 years. Their mother, Natalia, says that the twins did not notice the moment when turned into walking skeletons. The day came when they barely could stand on my feet and they didn’t have the strength to hold his head.

The girls mother says that all the fault of the model school and model Agency, who forced teenagers to lose weight. She was accompanied by daughters in the hospital with her husband.

“I cried all summer. Every day I said, “You must eat, you must eat”. They ate, but in small portions. And said, “Mom, are we going to eat tomorrow”,” recalls Natalia.

The Director of model Agency, Elena Tasmanica, admits that Masha and Dasha was in a state close to death. She gave money for their treatment, but does not agree with his guilt in the incident. The boss all the turns to the girls mother saying that Natalia did not believe that her daughter is sick.
Another story about the dangers of rapid weight loss, but with a happy ending. Two more lives have managed to pull out of nothingness. What happened to these girls is an example for all teenagers and their parents, from which all must draw conclusions. There is nothing more important children’s health and no stellar career and fame is not worth the children’s lives.

And you still want to lose weight?

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