What we eat: the British kept the sweets for 20 years, and they though henna

What would cause you to abandon your favorite food? We all tried to do it, but by mid-afternoon the urge to eat harmful a delicious sponge cake with tea becomes so compelling that resisting it is almost impossible. So, what’s your favorite “poison”? Muffin you buy a latte? Biscuits, croissants, cakes or chocolates?

“This is my “noxious box”. Every chocolate bar and every piece of Jell-o look like I bought them yesterday, but they are the same age my 19 year old daughter. Well, now think for a moment about how you now treat your favorite Goodies,” says Marisa peer.

“Over 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist and hypnotist, I never had the best chance to demonstrate how bad this is for us. These products — from croissants, looks like they are just out of the bakery (although they can easily deprive you of a couple of teeth), to the appallingly constant jar of margarine — the scourge of modern society,” said Marisa.

Neither insects nor bacteria do not touch them. But, for example, if you leave the Mandarin in the bowl for a month, it is covered with mold, the spirit of decay will hover around, accompanied by appropriate flavor.

Seen by your eyes will be for you an unequivocal signal that this is not a good idea.

Yet there is a reason why neither bacteria nor insects can’t touch certain products. It lies in the fact that these products pose no nutritional value and by eating them in food, we spoil our health. This simple information can save lives.

“For many years I have worked with people suffering from excess weight, prompting them to take up products that seem to them most delicious. Appetite disappeared as soon as they are touched by hand of a product. I started to fill the box in 1997, and she traveled with me everywhere, helping me to teach people the fact that similar products should be consumed with great care — said Marisa.

“Heart of my philosophy “noxious box” to adjust our eating habits by changing the perception of the food.”

“Many people believe that they need to sit on a harsh diet to get in shape. However, the secret is this: you just need to change the foods that you eat. Eat as much fresh food as you want, and I guarantee that soon your body will like you more and more,” says Marisa.

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