Total restructuring: 5 churches, changed its religious purpose

Recently, a very popular trend of restructuring churches into places of non-religious purposes. It can be houses, shops, kindergartens and even night clubs. Because of the decadent state of some churches reconstruction is the only correct decision to save the buildings. This review presents five options for the remodeling of old churches in modern homes and not only.

Residential house

1. House converted from the Anglican Church of the nineteenth century

2. The Australian architectural Studio Bagnato Architects have done a great job turning the old Anglican Church of the nineteenth century into a modern mansion. Experts have left untouched the facade of the Church and shape of window openings, and everything else has undergone a radical transformation. Now the house has a spacious living room, five bedrooms with individual bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, and a fitness room. Blank walls on the courtyard side was replaced by a huge glass panel.


3. The Church of St. Sebastian, built in 1962 in münster (Germany), changed its appointment in 2008. Now, this building is a kindergarten. Green color dominates not only in playgrounds but also in the technologies used for building maintenance. Solar panels, energy-efficient equipment — all this allows to maintain a comfortable microclimate in a former Church.

4. The Playground, located right inside the former Church


5. Dominican Church in Maastricht (the Netherlands) was used as an archive, a warehouse or Parking for bicycles. Then it was renovated into a bookstore. Specialists architectural company Merkx+Girod Architect placed bookshelves along the walls with tall columns. The table in the shape of a cross and appropriate lighting to support the atmosphere of religious mystery.

6. Bookstore in a Gothic Church in the Netherlands


7. Stunning authentic facade of the building indicates that it was the Church. The architects of Gianna Camilotti Interiors has tried to create a modern design of residential spaces, however, leaving wooden beams, giving the interior a unique sound.

8. Penthouse in London, a converted Church

Night club

9. Church of the XIX century in Denver and has remained a place of a congestion of people, but now instead of the religious services there are concerts and discos. Club The Church is a popular place for avid clubbers. Good acoustics improves the sound.

10. The Church night club in the Church of the XIX century

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