Aluminum cables, counterfeit copper wiring and other electrocontact

Have you ever thought about what happens to you behind the wall? Not the neighbors in your apartment? “The transaction, what can be interesting there?”, — it turns out – maybe. And not only interesting but also important, dangerous, and sometimes even dramatic. Telling and showing.

I’m sorry these “sharp” metaphors, but otherwise not say. So, for example, the light appears on the “basis” of our cable – the wire, core.

The process of drawing wire rod for copper wiring.

Then he “Packed” into the shell – insulation. Most of us think that insulation is a common silicone or rubber. As it is not so! Isolation is an art almost jewelry. Did you know that in addition to the plastic insulation exists paper? After application, where an isolated wiring is placed in a special container with an impregnating composition. Here it is:

Preparation for an overlay operation of the lead sheath.

The process of applying the paper insulation

We are located on a virtual tour of “the Plant Moskabel” (thanks to the plant itself for the opportunity, and for the photograph). It is the oldest industrial enterprise (founded by the decree of Emperor Nicholas II on 16 June 1895) produces more than 50,000 products.

Credo “Plant Moskabel” — only high-quality products. Alas, not all wiring on the market corresponds to their level.

The process of drawing wire rod for copper wiring.

In our days of fake leads – have become the norm. During the years of monopoly on the copper wire market has faced a very dangerous situation. And now, a quarter of copper wires on the market is counterfeit. Very often, the grasping developers like to save on this business — say the difference no one will notice. But the factory says: “Counterfeit cable don’t change their spots!”. If your wall will fake cable – sooner or later it will end by fire.

The finished products are “Plant Moskabel”.

Know-how of the plant, are particularly proud of the aluminum cable grades and 8030 8176. Durable and economical, it is virtually impossible to forge – first it is difficult, and secondly is not economically feasible.

The drawing process of aluminum rod.

At the dawn of development of the Russian elektroprom, aluminum cables at the time refused – despite the economy, they had a lot of disadvantages. It took a quarter of a century to technology has grown to a level where the aluminum wiring is again ready to take a leading position in the market.

Aluminum wire rod. Bay.

All good advice – before buying an apartment in the building, ask a developer what kind of wiring he used? If your home has aluminum cable of the new generation, you can be calm. Well, if copper wiring? Be sure to check out the availability of supporting documents confirming the quality of the finished cable and also the name of the manufacturer, to your peaceful life in the new apartment that didn’t fire.

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