Hugh Grant says he is enjoying playing ‘leading man in love’ less often

Hugh Grant has said he is enjoying his acting career more now he is playing the “leading man in love” less often.

The actor, 60, said it has been “a bit more fun” since he has started taking on more varied roles.

Some of the actor’s best-known roles have come in romantic comedies, including Four Weddings And A Funeral and Love Actually.

Hugh Grant stars in The Undoing (Ian West/PA)

He told the PA news agency: “I feel less, marginally less, bad about being an actor now than I did in 2003. That was a low point.

“I’ve almost enjoyed some of the acting I’ve done in the last six or seven years, which is very unlike me.

“It’s been very nice to break free of having to be, you know, leading man in love, and so it’s been a bit more fun.”

He added that his latest role in psychological thriller The Undoing was one to which he “couldn’t say no”.

I’m always looking for a reason to say no to jobs but I couldn’t say no, it was too classy, the whole thing

“I mean I’m always looking for a reason to say no to jobs but I couldn’t say no, it was too classy, the whole thing.”

The series, which also stars Nicole Kidman and Donald Sutherland, sees Grant play a doctor who goes missing.

Grant said “evil or screwed-up people are easier to act and more fun to act and always more attractive to audiences”.

He added: “Whereas niceness is possibly just a veneer that we put on top of our evil natures to make us fit in and is sort of, less attractive, less fascinating.

“It’s always been the case. People are not interested in good characters, they’re interested in evil characters.”

Grant added that he “actually did try to put layers in all those romantic comedy characters, it was just harder”.

The Undoing will be available on Sky Atlantic and Now TV from October 26.


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