20 examples of what else besides snowman, you can sculpt out of snow

That’s really something which, as the snow in Russia has always lacked. And so what is winter without a snowman? Fortunately the harsh and long snow season offers unlimited scope for creativity.

And when the ordinary forms of snowmen already do not inspire, they are fresh solutions. And unbridled imagination of some people which proves that familiar to us all from childhood snowman is not necessarily three balls and carrot.

For your inspiration we have collected the most original snow sculptures. Gain insights — and forward, on street. To surprise and delight passersby with their winter work.

1. It was evening, there was nothing to do.

2. Snow patrol never sleeps.

3. Dad, we have in the back yard dragon!

4. The hedgehog thought that he wouldn’t notice.

5. And Bunny still thinks so.

6. When still sit on the bench with a snow man in depression.

7. Blind dog a great friend.

8. And the guitar playing.

9. But the cat is a new friend, apparently, is not happy.

10. Discovered new traces of extraterrestrial civilizations.

11. Always knew the Loch ness monster is not a myth.

12. Greetings to participants of competitions!

13. The snow cat will not cause trouble.

14. But you can make the cat bigger.

15. A family of Totoro of snow — a sight for sore eyes.

16. And Kung fu Panda is not far behind.

17. Venus de Milo on vacation.

18. Romance, however.

19. Snowman with light.

20. The adventures of spider-man in Russia.

21. Two of the casket — the same face!

And remember that:


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