10 weird historical photos that require explanation

It is difficult to imagine what life used to be like a few dozen (or even hundred) years ago, and sometimes modern people, it seems strange. Fortunately, survived quite a lot of photos that are directly associated with notable historical events and can tell us much more than it seems at first glance.

Glasses of John Lennon after his murder

Not so long ago, Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono posted this creepy old photo on Twitter. These are the points that were on John Lennon on the day when he was shot.

Lyndon Johnson and his amphibious vehicle

The man behind the wheel of this car — none other than U.S. President Lyndon Johnson in 1965. He loved to scare the guests of your ranch, accelerating and driving the car into the lake.

Carnival for ku Klux Klan

This is not a scene from a horror movie and not a terrible play. This is a real photograph of members of the ku Klux Klan having fun at the carnival in cannon city, Colorado, in 1925.

Hitler before and after

During the Second world war, Hitler was many people’s most feared villain, and no wonder. The German dictator had a very distinctive appearance (pictured right), but in 1944, American intelligence agencies have circulated a photo collage with the alleged portrait of Hitler, if he changed his appearance (left).

Ronald McDonald, 1963

If a modern version of the clown Ronald McDonald seems sinister look, as he was in 1963. This image will haunt you in your sleep.

Women archery, 1908

Women were truly an impressive dress when you competed at the Olympics of 1908 archery. Judging by the empty stands, this competition hasn’t gained much popularity.

Testing of body armor

Someone had to test the armor, right? This brave man took the initiative, and he was shot in the name of science and defense industry.

The first photograph of Abraham Lincoln

This is the earliest known photographs of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, dated about the year 1846. Without his trademark hat and beard it is poorly recognizable.

Che Guevara and Fidel Castro

While most consider Che Guevara a symbol of the revolution, and Fidel Castro, as a dictator, both put a lot of effort to revolution in Cuba in 1956.

Elvis Presley in the army

No, this is not a scene from a movie. Elvis Presley truly was drafted into the U.S. army in 1958 when he already began his career as a singer. It was not a PR stunt: the king of rock-n-roll attitude to the military service very seriously and held in its ranks two years defending the Fatherland.

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