A moment of nostalgia: the gift we never discover in the New year

Let us remember what we once dreamed on the eve of the New year. We tried to study for straight a’s, clean your room and behave diligently so that the parents gave the coveted Barbie doll or console Dendy.

The console was the dream of every child.

The slime and elephant shrews. How many Wallpapers we messed up and how many vases were broken…

Team model aircraft. To receive such a gift it was a great happiness.

Some of these sleds are still standing on the balconies.

A magazine for labels we cherished as the Apple of his eye and with frantic enthusiasm bought stickers.

This railway was not all.

How many hours we spent honing my fishing skills!

It was considered the coolest mp3 players.

Maybe we don’t all fully understand why we need the pagers, but still wanted to get them for the New year or birthday.

How many imaginary cities were built…

How hard we tried out the diligence of the language, carefully cutting out clothes for paper dolls.

After watching the movie “home Alone”, we all dreamed of a cassette recorder.

The eternal struggle: a Barbie or Cindy.

We diligently pressed the button and played “heads.”

The sounds stilianou, we will remember for a lifetime.

After the house for Barbie car was the second biggest dream girls.

We bought videotapes, exchanged them and took in the video store.

From school we rushed home to feed your electronic pet.

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