Complete happiness: these girls better and share the joy of being a doughnut

These girls are not looking for the model standards, but, on the contrary, move away from them. He used to sit on a strict diet and counted every calorie, and now proudly display their curvy shape and not shy to put a photo in Instagram.

See photos beauties “before” and “after” and decide for yourself, what weight do girls look better.

After the holidays, when people usually start to actively enroll in a workout in the gym to get in shape. But these girls spit on all the skinny standards of beauty. Their photo with the “reverse” transformation filled the social network.

Girls who gained weight, saying that began to feel much more confident and attractive. The reasons for the increase in the body mass each has its own: some actively build muscle, others just think it is unnecessary strict diet and fitness regimes.

Here you will see women who are showing their “reverse” transformation.

Karina Irby (Irby Karina):

“Detractors say that I’m fat. But I am much healthier and happier than the first photo. Previously I had a poor diet and not cared about,” the girl says.

Designer swimwear Karina pays no attention to the snide comments of those who think she’s fat. The girl gained lush forms and puts the pictures “before” and “after”, which proudly showcases her rounded charms. Karina continues to visit the gym four times a week, but not for weight loss but to be healthy and vigorous.

Megan Jane Crabbe (Crabbe Megan Jayne):

Blogger Megan maintains a page about positive body image. She ignores the statements that were much more attractive while not getting fat. Some members accuse the girl that she “ruined” his athletic body excess weight. But Megan doesn’t pay attention to it and said:

“I’m happy, and the size has no value”.

Reni FITT (Renee Fit):

Australian Rennie helps people become more confident and love my body. The girl published a post about the fact that the increase in the number of calories in her diet — the best decision she ever made. Previously, Renee was afraid to overeat to become fat. But high-calorie food, according to the girl, made her stronger, helps to effectively train and increases self-esteem.

Victoria Spence Niamh (Niamh Victoria Spence):

Victoria almost went to the light because of the strict dieting and rapid weight loss. In the first photo the girl is suffering from anorexia. The second frame shows the period of Victoria’s life when she was active in sports and builds muscle mass. Third picture — the girl of today.

“Don’t lose your common sense when trying to be healthy,” says Ms. Spence.

Lisa Golden Bojwani (Liza Golden Bhojwani):

In life Lisa was and downs, UPS and downs, till she came to the desired image. At the beginning of a modeling career, the girl constantly kept in shape. Once malnourished, she even lost consciousness, because the observed low-calorie diet. After that, the girl gave up the struggle with excess weight, stopped to admire a skinny ideals of beauty and says that now as happy as ever.

Marcel Hopkins (Marcie Hopkins):

Beauty Queen Marcel claims that she had to sweat to win the title of “Miss South Africa”. She followed a strict diet and trained three times a day. The girl managed to lose weight, but that she did not feel happier.

“My Boobs decreased two sizes, have stopped having their periods. I was freezing after the shoot and ate dinner only a small bull’s-eye” — shares memories of Marseille.

Babe decided that the constant fight against hunger is not worth it, and made a choice in favor of healthy and happy life. Now she calls my body his best friend.

Amy Wiley Wiley (Wiley Amie):

Amy showed followers your path length of 4 years from the “skinny and weak to strong and hardy”. In the first photo she was ahead of schedule on cardio and eating too little. Now the fitness blogger significantly gained weight and burn more calories by increasing muscle mass.

Jolene Jones (Marylin Jones):

Sure jolene says she has gone from “physical development of the body, to love him.” Before the blogger constantly visited the gym and carefully watched his diet. But simply a sport mode for victories in bodybuilding competitions did not bring the girl happiness.

One day jolene realized that the pursuit of the perfect body will never be satisfied with the result, so I decided to love myself for who I am. The girl says:

“The main thing for me is love and the smile on my face.”

Jovana Fit (Jovana Fit):

Fitness blogger Jovana claims that he felt miserable when I was thin. To change for the better, it reduced physical activity and impaired diet. After that, the mood and the girl’s life became much happier.

Mackenzie Forbes (Forbes Mackenzie):

In love with fitness fanaticism kensi had previously convinced myself that a thin body will make her more beautiful and more confident. Now she regrets that exhausting your body with excessive cardio and restrict your favorite food.

That’s kind of the history of the transition from weight loss to positive weight gain. However, let everyone decide what body to live better — in curvy or skinny. The main thing — to feel happy and be healthy.

But what choice do you: slim, but limit themselves in everything, and evil from a lack of carbohydrates skinny or happy doughnut eating your favorite snacks?

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