He had a plan: where are the heroes of movies and TV series

Houses and apartments in which live characters in our favorite movies and TV shows, so sit firmly in our memory that it feels like we have lived there for years. Spanish Illustrator Inak Aliste Lizarralde decided to bring these familiar feelings, creating a series of floor plans of the rooms where lived the heroes of popular films and TV series — “Friends”, “the Big Bang Theory,” “How I met your mother” and others.

When it Inak tried so that the thoroughness of their drawing will please even the most picky of fans. See for yourself.

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Monica’s apartment and Rachel (right) and Chandler and Joey (left) from the TV series “Friends”.

The apartment of Sheldon and Leonard (right) and their neighbor penny (left) from “the Big Bang Theory”.

The apartment of Ted Mosby from the show “How I met your mother”.

House of the Simpson family from the eponymous animated series.

The apartment of Dexter Morgan from the TV series “Dexter”.

The apartment of Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex in the city”.

House of Lorelai and Rory from the TV series “Gilmore Girls”.

House from the movie “Up!”.

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