27 lifehacks for girls

Here are a few useful tips in the style of “lifehack” — simple ways to make your life easier. Basically tips appropriate for girls, although many of them could take advantage of and guys. In short, the pantry of all sorts of useful tricks that can be useful in everyday life.

Ratnasingam shoes: 1. Wear socks and then shoes. 2. A Hairdryer will dry the parts in which presses. 3. Do not remove the socks until your feet cool down. 4. Check and repeat the process if you want to make shoes even more spacious.

Paint the inner part of the rings with clear varnish on the fingers will not stay green spots.

The lint from the sweater can be removed with pumice.

Hang bags on hooks for curtains in the bathroom.

Wear a loose ponytail so as not to harm the hair. When you tie a ponytail too tight (and often), the hair is being pulled and become brittle. Try not to tie the tail is often one and the same place.

White wine neutralizes red wine stains. Yes, you read correctly. If at a party you suddenly spilled on a white blouse, red wine, immediately pour on the stain with white wine, it will neutralize the color, and the stain can be deduced faster and easier.

Store your makeup on a magnetic Board.

Pabtyhose jeans easily tuck into boots. That’s it!

Stains from deodorant cleaned with an antistatic or regular tights!

Paint the keys with different nail polishes, to make it easier to find the right one.

White wine can be cooled and frozen grapes. So the taste of the wine does not become watery.

Packaging suitcase, wrap your shoes in a shower cap, then the sole does not touch the clean clothes.

Tweezers, hair clips and other small items can be stored on magnetic tape.

Hang the clothes you wear, in the same direction in the closet. So after some time you will realize that you don’t wear at all. But if do not wear, it means you don’t need!

Pass the chain through a straw, so the chain is not tangled. Looks strange, but will save time and nerves.

Store the accessories for styling hair in this container.

And jewelry can be stored in the trays, Cutlery.

Put yourself in the boots cuts “noodle” to water aerobics to shoes stood straight. You can also use Newspapers and magazines, rolled into tubes.

Rice in sock — excellent thermal pain.

Scarves and stockings can be stored tied on the hangers.

Use two fingers to see well enough sitting bra. If you can’t get under him, two fingers means it’s too tight; if you can easily push the whole fist is too loose.

Put in shoes baking soda to get rid of smell.

Glue the cork from the wine on the picture frame, and you have a homemade cork Board for notes.

Inaccessible joints can be smooth by using a flat iron for hair.

Shoes can be hung on clothes hangers.

Rinse the mascara brush in warm water for easier application. Another tip: NEVER poke the brush in and out of the tube — it is best to rotate the brush inside the tube before applying the next coat of mascara.

Gum out of hair you can get with the help of ice cubes. Because of this, the gum hardens and easier to get. This method can be used to remove gum from soles.

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