Fashion and history: happy birthday, Christian Dior

A great fashion designer started his career in the fashion house of Lucien Lelong and sold his illustrations of dresses and hats in the magazine Le Figaro Illustre. In 1942, Dior opened his own perfume lab, and after the war — her own fashion house. Recall the important facts from the life of fashion designer and his famous images.

Dior’s parents wanted him to become a diplomat

Family Dior was quite wealthy, Christian parents expected him to build a career in the field of diplomacy. But Christian believed in his artistic talent and even sold his drawings to the Newspapers.

Dior inspired architecture

Christian Dior is often said that the “dress of the ephemeral architectural items, designed to accentuate the proportions of the female body”.

Dior was very superstitious

The older you become the designer, the more superstitious he was. He is always included in every collection of a piece of clothing that was named in honor of his native town of Granville. And at each show at least one model had to carry Lily.

Dior owned an art gallery

Rich, Christian’s father gave him his own gallery in 1928 on the condition that the Dior name will never appear on the sign. The gallery was opened just a few years, but managed to acquire works by famous artists, including Pablo Picasso.

Dior died in mysterious circumstances at the age of 52

Because of the circumstances of the death of Christian Dior is still not published, they are different rumors. Some argue that the designer died of a heart attack after he choked on a fish bone. Others say that the heart attack occurred during a card game.

Yves Saint Laurent worked for Christian Dior

When Yves Saint Laurent was 19 years old, Dior hired him as an assistant in your fashion house. They worked together until Saint-Laurent was called into the army. After that, the designers did not cooperate, and even clashed, but Saint Laurent said: “I could not speak a word to him. He taught me the basics of my art. Whatever happens after, I will always remember what they have learned from him.”

Dior made dresses for the wives of Nazi officers

During the Second world war, Dior worked in the fashion house of Lucien Milonga, where are made dresses for the wives of French Nazi collaborators. At the same time, Dior’s sister Katherine was in the French resistance.

He was accused that he uses way too much fabric

During the Second world war, Dior was to blame that he is too wasteful and uses a lot of fabric for models.

At Dior immediately there were fans among celebrities

Fashion house Dior has attracted the attention of celebrities, almost immediately after his appearance. Rita Hayworth, Margot Fonteyn had helped a young designer to gain a rich audience. The British Royal family even invited the young Dior at the presentation of the collection to the Palace.

Dior became the first couturier, patented your design

Today a patent is a common thing among designers, but in 1949 it was unheard of. Dior even criticized for such “impudence”.

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