10 amazing desserts from around the world

Often cooks compete in the art of decorating and feeding your meals. Some want to surprise us with unusual presentation, other – extraordinary taste, others use a scientific approach.

Here are ten of the most amazing and unusual of the desserts, which were made by skillful cooks.

1. Ice cream in liquid nitrogen, Philippines.

In one of the largest restaurants in Manila serve unusual ice cream “Nitro”.To make it use the same technology that is used in cooking for the astronauts super fast freezing with liquid nitrogen. Doing it right in front of visitors. The restaurant can surprise ice cream with the taste of lavender, rose, osmanthus and “bacon eggs”.

2. Pinata dark chocolate, Chicago, USA.

When ordering this dessert in an American restaurant “Alinea”, get ready for a real show. First, the waiter in front of you on the table will draw weave patterns of red lingonberry syrup and yellow sauce from Butternut squash. Then you will break large balls of dark chocolate. Inside balls filled with sweets, scones, cotton candy and other sweet surprises.

3. Cake “Cherpumple”, Los Angeles, USA.

This strange cake was invented by the American actor-comedian 3 years ago. He combined three of the most favorite American pie — Apple, pumpkin and cherry, peremeshav their creamy frosting. Then all three pies baked inside of one big gingerbread cake.

4. The Sultan’s Golden cake, Istanbul, Turkey.

This cake is rightfully carrying the title. To try it only in one of the most expensive hotel in Istanbul – Ciragan Palace. The production of the dessert takes three days. And training two years! It was all those years marinating the filling for the cake (Fig, apricot, quince, pear) to Jamaican rum. Then add a very rare vanilla from Polynesia, sprinkled with black truffles and finally the cake is covered with flakes of edible 24-carat gold. Served cake in a box made of silver with a gold seal.

5. Deep-fried candies, Scotland.

It is a popular delicacy in Scottish fast-food outlets. It’s easy to make at home. This chocolate bar is dipped in batter and fried in deep fat. This treat is not for those who want to lose weight.

6. Green dysentery, Taiwan.

In the Taiwanese capital of Tybee a lot of unusual of establishments. For example, the restaurant “Modern Toilet”(the Modern toilet). Food will be served in bowls made in the shape of a toilet. In appearance the food will not differ much from the contents of this closet, though, and is made of normal components. The names of the dishes are also relevant, for example, “Green dysentery”. And in fact this is the usual ice cream with kiwi sauce.

7. Dessert “English Breakfast”, Ireland.

The most famous chef in Dublin Vicky MacDonald (Vicky McDonald) prepares unusual “classic English Breakfast” – scrambled eggs with sausage, baked beans and bacon. The uniqueness lies in the fact that all the ingredients of this “Breakfast” sweet. The sausage consists of biscuit peanut butter, baked beans — cookies in white chocolate, floating in a fruit puree oranges and strawberries, scrambled eggs-pannacotta with sweet lemon.

8. Dessert “Ais Kacang”, Malaysia and Singapore.

In Malaysia and Singapore are in great demand sweetness, made on the basis of the ice shavings and red beans. Optional to add corn, red and green jelly, palm seeds and much more.

9. Devil’s milk cake, Los Angeles, USA.

This is a classic cake of the three milks is quite popular in Latin America. But in the restaurant “Chego” (Los Angeles) decided to make it more spicy. For this cake, pour mixture of condensed milk, red hot pepper, cinnamon, tapioca pudding and spicy peanut.

10. A dessert made from chicken breast, Turkey.

This dish is “Tavuk Göğsü” was born during the Ottoman Empire and served in the palaces of the Turkish sultans. It now can be tasted in Turkish restaurants. For its preparation using finely ground chicken breast, rice, sweet milk, butter, flour. Ready for dessert generously sprinkled with cinnamon and almonds.

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