In the UK we held an unusual rescue operation: firefighters were removed from the tree, the cat along with the hostess

We are always responsible for those who tamed. Even if it is the cat that celebrates anyone and does what he pleases. Imbued with responsibility for a furry pet, a resident of the UK Maria Perry tried to bail him out of trouble and she was trapped. To save not only had the cat and his hapless owner.

Cat Harry like it should be a true British left without a word. Maria Perry three days looking for your pet in the vicinity of the village, but all was in vain. Found a cat at the end of the third day, and is much closer than expected.

Harry was sitting on a tree in the neighbor’s garden and was not less desperate than his mistress. Obviously something frightened the animal and made to climb it to the top.

Own Harry to go couldn’t and she started to work on his salvation. The first thing the girl finds the owner of the garden, where her cat was in trouble, and got permission to spend a rescue operation. Perry also asked her neighbor a basket to put in her the frightened animal and comfortable to pull him to the ground.

When all was ready, Maria bravely climbed up with a basket on the tree, not thinking about how it will go down. Most likely, the girl had no experience climbing trees, not being familiar with the important detail that even children know. It is known that the climb up is always easier than down, and here Perry was in for a surprise.

When they reached Harry, the owner of the cat saw down herself. Maria threw down the basket and began to call for help. The mistress of the garden, noticing that the girl is too long in her garden, went to check if everything was okay and heard the cries for help. The basket lay under a tree, and Perry sat on a tree next to his cat.

On the scene came the husband of Mary and, a little after talking with his wife, realized that their own strength has nothing to hope for. The man called the emergency services and explained the situation. To rescue the cat and his mistress was sent a fire truck with a special ladder. Firefighters were somewhat taken aback when I found out exactly what is required of them, because to remove cats from trees they have regularly, but to remove the cat from the hostess had the first time.

In spite of that, the fire Department showed a high level of professionalism, and brought Mary and her cat Harry on the ground safe and sound. The beast and its owner were not injured and I feel great. Harry wasn’t even affected by a three-day seat on the tree — he looks as important and independent as before. We can only hope that both participants of the event learned a lesson and will not repeat their mistakes.

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