The case of the non-statutory sexual relations angered the British cavalry

Long ago passed those times, when brave moustached hussars climbed in the window to the ladies, without removing the spurs. Female emancipation has led to what is now the ladies are not averse to get into the bed-chamber to the cavalryman, to offer a night of love. However, men are not always pleased with such attention. The case occurred in the barracks of the Palace of the British cavalry, can be called alarming, because if it happens to brave horse soldiers, what to expect from civilians?

I must say that in this almost romantic story all the way around. It started with the fact that the average Corrie-Alice Holmes (Corrie-Alice Holmes), 25 years old, returned to the barracks to Windsor castle and later and pretty tipsy. The girl had a well-deserved day off and she chose to spend it with good company at the bar.

In the barracks drunk, Corrie, despite the late hour, decided to talk to one of his colleagues. It is unclear whether it is the classic desire to see “former” or the girl was moved by other motives, but we know that duty idea night visit did not seem good. Corrie was not allowed through the main entrance, but a cavalry-girl did not give up and entered the building another way.

In the barracks drunk soldier began to molest one of the boys lying on the bed, ignoring his requests to stop. The source reports that in the end, the couple went outside, where she starts rubbing his colleague and tried to kiss him, but he resisted. Reached that desperate Royal cavalry began to call for help, which arrived in the form of the guard. Drunk lady drove away from the victim out of the male barracks.

Of course, the night of the incident became known to the command of Holmes, and hangover, as well as victims, was questioned by officer Brian Rogers (Brian Rogers). Cases of this plan officers have the right to decide on place, self-imposing the penalty and not letting the Royal military police. This and decided to take advantage of Rogers, good Prestigio Holmes and making her a reprimand. The injured party, by the way, had nothing against this decision.

All could and end, if not brothers-in-arms warrior, have been subjected to harassment. The guys from Royal horse guards told Kerry Holmes in the military police and immediately began an investigation. Guards craved justice, as provided in addressing the issue of gender. They believe that if it was the opposite, a drunken soldier who attacked a female soldier in her barracks, would receive severe punishment.

Immediately it should say that in this story, man-to-man, girl, officer Rogers, and partly, Kerry Holmes. Therefore, we shall mention only the official side of the issue and won’t evaluate the actions of soldiers. In 2017, the British army had been well known to all the military of the Kingdom of the incident. Ordinary hand accidentally touched the Breasts of a woman officer, for which he was not only dismissed from the armed forces, but also received 9 months in prison. Probably because of this incident, the troopers are outraged and demand justice.

It is known that the guard which sparked the fuss, already regrets that showed no favor to the advances of Kerry and made noise. It is difficult to say what the outcome of the police investigation cheeky Corrie-Alice Holmes, but everyone is absolutely sure on the trooper, who complained to the lady will make fun of until the end of the service.

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