Rain of diamonds and wedding Mak: 20+ crazy facts, you will certainly want to check in Google

It seems that modern man is difficult to surprise. But, no! Still in the world of information, able to “make the brain” even the most inquisitive Internet user.

Are glad to present you a selection of totally absurd at first glance, the facts that are actually true… are Sure that after watching it to the end, you definitely want something “Google”.

Orcas are dolphins

Yes, Yes, that’s right, the killer whale is a Dolphin, and certainly not a whale as many people think.

Blood contains gold

And it’s true! But do not hurry to run to the point of blood donation because in one average human body contains 0.2 milligrams of gold. For a long and carefree life is clearly not enough.

Wombats poop cubes

So these cute animals mark their territory. Why cubes? It turns out that the excrement of such forms remain in place longer than “standard”.

Sharks are older than trees

The first sharks appeared on the planet about 500 million years ago, and the trees only after another 50 million years.

Lighters appeared before matches

It’s hard to believe, but the lighter was invented three years before, it would seem that these primitive matches.

Avocado – berries

Fans of avocados now, “gasped”. It turns out that all this time they ate no fruit, and berries. To permanently turn your world upside down, will tell you that the strawberries and raspberries — are also not berries, and nuts!

Horses don’t have gag reflex

Because of the peculiarities of the esophagus and stomach the act of vomiting for horses impossible. That would be such a “talent” graduates of the senior classes.

Mango get sun burns

Poor, poor mango! It turns out that they, like people, can get sunburn. Because of this, often dies a significant portion of the crop.

Curses calm people

Psychologists have found that foul language has a positive impact on the human psyche. So the next time you hit your little finger on the foot of the bed, don’t hesitate to make a damn piece of wood all that you think about it.

Dolphins give other names

It has long been known that every Dolphin emits a unique whistle that other individuals can imitate it. Scientists believe that this sound is a kind of name, and with it, the dolphins call their “friends”.

On Saturn go diamond rain

Each year on Saturn is precipitation from thousands of tons of diamonds, while the dimensions of a gemstone can reach the centimeter! And on Jupiter too.

McDonald’s hosts weddings

Hong Kong restaurants McDonald’s is a wedding “Banquet”. To pay for such an event will have from $373 to $1290. Interestingly, instead of a loaf young bite a Burger?

Monkeys sometimes brush my teeth

They use a variety of means, ranging from grass and sticks, ending with feathers.

Gold edible

Pure gold is edible. But simple decorations are made with the addition of other inedible metals, so do not try to eat them.

Jellyfish can evaporate

Jellyfish is 98% water, therefore a high probability that, once on land, she would just evaporate.

Turtle masturbate

Well, they are worse than men? And, by the way, elephants, walruses and porcupines…

Fergie voiced Sally

Fergie is one of many artists who voiced sister of Charlie brown Sally. And it’s still in the 80s, long before she became famous.

Stars swallow planets

This occurs when the orbit of the planet approaches the star.

Babies don’t dream

Moms whose kids smile, allegedly due to the fact that you dream of angels, now very upset. Neuroscientists believe that the first dream appears in children at the age of 4-5 years.

Eggplants contain nicotine

The eggplants do contain nicotine, but to get the same effect as cigarettes, you will have to eat more than 9 pounds of this vegetable. Good luck!

Birds don’t write

They don’t have a urethra, so the “all excess” is released through the anus.

Tell us what facts surprised you the most, and what you already knew?

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