Worst nightmare trucker

Says Sergey Share: Frost — or, as they say, the Yakuts, Taryn is a dangerous area of the ice road on the river, where the water comes to the surface. Then she freezes, the bottom layer of solid ice falls close to the bottom, and it turns out a dangerous trap that you can fall on the machine. If the top will primorosa snow — down the drain. Failure is inevitable.

What to do if it happened? The recovery technology is elementary, but extremely time-consuming and can take from three days to three months. If you are not able to get the car immediately, he verzet in the ice and the driver is guaranteed a painful hemorrhoids to extract the truck from the river captivity.

Source: Jjournal/sergeydolya

To start the hollows out a small ice blocks. Under the place where the formed voids, the ice freezes from the bottom with another layer. This allows you to slowly sink lower and lower to the wheels. Then the car pull winch. In case, if we again begin to climb water ice hammering pieces to fill only one “bath”.

Machines that sit shallowly, you can get three days and 30 thousand rubles. There are special local men, who provide such services. But there are more severe cases where the account goes for months without any guarantees of success…

This truck was frozen recently, and shallow. The men put up a tent, covered the cabin tent and started rescue operation.

It is seen that the car sank “polchasa”.

Men with shovels outlined “bath” to be hollow.

On the other side of the truck, already started.

Hammering with a crowbar, then clean the ice with shovels.

In the tent is the stove. Here the water is boiled for tea, you can relax and warm up.

And in this case thirty thousand, and three days will not get off. Then the car sat specifically, this raises questions about her salvation.

If you don’t take now, during the frost, in the spring, huge chunks of ice with a height of under two meters just grind truck “in the flour”.

Sad picture.

Fighting over this car for two months.

Also a hard case. Honestly, I do not believe that it will raise.

In this case, the rescue work is conducted by the truck driver personally.

I felt very sorry for the guy. For sure this car is his only way to earn money…

In General, if you get stuck somewhere on the road in the middle lane, starts to freeze and suffer from self-pity, remember these Yakut men.

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