Everything is relative: 20 things about the real dimensions of which we were unaware

Human vision is an amazing thing. We believe that the eyes can be fully trusted, but do not consider that a lot still depends on our perception. Very often, to understand the true scale of an object or phenomenon, it is important to not only consider, but to put the next thing, the size of which is known to us for sure. Here we expect surprises…

We offer you 20 pictures that will help to make a real idea about some things, the dimensions of which you have, most likely, was incorrect.

1. The keel of the marine vessel

2. Indian Dudhsagar waterfall and train

3. The trunk of a tree, thrown by the storm on the Atlantic coast of the United States

4. Foot argentinosaurus

5. The man in the cave

6. Mars Rover Curiosity Rover. You also thought that it is the size of a coffee table?

7. The Tree Is “General Sherman”. CA, USA

8. Cheeses Parmigiano Reggiano in Bibbiano, Italy

9.Natural arch “Heaven’s gate”. Mountain Tianmen Mountain, China

10. Leatherback turtle. Solomon Islands

11. Military radar at an abandoned military base

12.”Rainbow”. Rock in Utah, USA

13. Snow-covered trail Tateyama Kurobe. Japan

14. Cleaning the statue of “David.” Michelangelo

15. Large flower Kala

16. The wind and the man

17. King shrimp

18. Sheet, hide from the rain man

19. Spider-Goliath

20. The world’s largest diesel engine

Do you know the occasions when reality exceeds expectations?

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