Pet cat on your legs: an American company makes is custom fluffy Slippers-copies Pets

Pets are best friends and almost family members. Caring owners loved in their furry Pets, surrounding them with affection and attention, and myself — objects that remind you of your favorite doggies and kitties. But the paintings and photos in a frame is not a trend.

The company Cuddle Clones has launched a real bestseller: Slippers — copies of fluffy favourites, made to order. See the photos of satisfied owners in a new footwear and their Pets in our material.

When you have a furry friend, you want to show love and affection in all possible ways. The company Cuddle Clones found original and very comfortable solution.

Now you can realize your heart attitude to a beloved pet, having ordered an exact copy (and this really isn’t about cloning).
The company’s designers will produce for you fluffy Slippers, animals, recreating an exact image of your pet’s photo and a sample of his hair. They will even be able to reproduce the distinctive expression happy face fluffy. All work on this unusual footwear are made manually.

This is an important achievement to produce the most accurate copy, so the employees of the company with great seriousness to what they do. To order a pair of Slippers, need to send pictures not only faces a furball, and his image from all sides and angles. You need to capture the color of the coat, the curve of the back, breast and tail. You can then choose the appropriate eye color and the position of the ears on the head.
Every pet is unique, so you can specify the characteristics of your friend. After 8 weeks the order is ready and you will get the original Slippers that ever were seen.

This accessory not only looks like your mustachioed friend, but also warms your feet and heart. And your pet will be ecstatic, seeing as at home walking his two twin.
For a warm beast of Slippers will have to pay 199 $ (13 200 rubles). They are already available for order on the website of the company Cuddle Clones. The manufacturer gives 100% guarantee on their products.
Such an expression of attachment to favorite animals will not leave indifferent any owner of the fuzzies. Slippers-clones will warm your feet and heart, and a pet will appreciate such a display of deep feelings to him. And what could be nicer than to look at his happy face and enthusiastic eyes?

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