10 Christmas evidence that “creative” is a diagnosis

When you hear the word “hospital”, the New year is the last of what you think. Today we’ll take a chance turn your world upside down and prove that the feast will come to you even in the hospital and do not necessarily need to have hundreds of red trucks with soda.

Heartbeat regular — can start the celebration!

Flasks for analyses — one more material.

The guys from this hospital know how to make Christmas tree art object.

In one of the maternity homes in the US, children born in the eve of the holiday, give the parents in red Christmas socks.

Authentic ornament of your DNA…

For each best gift.

The visual therapy. Recommended every day for 5 sessions.

Author Christmas wreath from nurses.

Universal protection “gifts” Secret Santa with a low level of moral education.

The new year is a holiday for all.

Creative doctors begin to prepare for Shrove Tuesday with the New year.

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