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Mitya of Prostomolotov wrote on TJournal a selection of interesting recommendations and secrets of the prison based solely on his experience in the zero he was in jail for three years.

It so happened that a week before the beginning of 2005, I was in prison.

I was 23 years old. I did not serve in the army, lived with his parents and was the most distant from the thieves of romance, not knowing anything about the area and the prison.

Another interesting nuance was that I was blamed for something I did not commit. Moreover, the proceedings took place in the Tver region, where life in prison is quite different from Moscow casemates. About my adventures in Tver you can write a dozen longride. Now I’d like to tell you about the most interesting prison inventions that I’ve met over 3 years of imprisonment. Will start with the easiest.

Candle burner

Begin our hit parade of candle-burner. Elementary, but extremely useful invention. This homemade candle can burn continuously for several hours, maintaining comfort in the house and giving joy to prisoners, zapravlyaem it in cellophane endless malyava, tea, candy and cigarette bandyuki (from sabandykol-roll several similar objects in one transportable form).

All plastics in prisons (e.g., beads) of melted toothbrushes and combs unwary prisoners on such burners.

Classic prison rosary

The design is very simple: in a container (often a jar of vitamins) filled with sunflower oil, is installed on top of the severed upper part of the metal tube of paste or ointment. Hole threaded in twisted sausage a medical bandage, the lower part of which rests on the bottom of the oil container. Bandage specially soak is not necessary. Just drop him inside, and he will absorb necessary for combustion of the oil.

Fire bottle

It turns out that if necessary, you can boil water in a plastic bottle. No miracles — plastic melts at a temperature greater than 100 degrees. The bottle is only slightly shrinks up and after a few minutes you will have boiling water.

Normally this method is resorted to in boccara (waiting room before distributions prisoners in the cells, or Vice versa, before delivering them to the courts and investigative experiments). Sometimes in such baccarach sit for five or more hours.

Accounting system

Before sentencing you are in a remand prison (SIZO) or just in prison. How long will the result, as you will be there. When you get time, you will be transported to the area.

It is in these detention centers and are the legendary “50 people in one cell”. I had a chance to sit in the chamber, where there were 63 people approximately 25 square meters.

In such chaos, it is important to understand how many people are around and what day of the week. For this purpose over the door and side tensioned the rope with the arrows of the foil, which indicates the data.

These foiled the arrows the charge of special person that can move them and is responsible for the accuracy of the data literally head. Any discrepancy shall be punished by a blow to the head liter metal Cup called panic. Some cameras take into account the month and day, but this is rare.


One of my favorites. In a relatively short time you can make any sock, sweater or just spool thread strong rope. Not going to tell you how to untwist the sock, imagine that you already have a thread. And it doesn’t have to be solid and allowed the ligaments and nodes.

Measure a distance of twice the required length of the rope of the future. Fold several times the thread or yarn in this segment. The more turns of thread, the stronger will turn the rope.

Call a friend and start spinning in opposite circles from each other side by hitting them with his palm. You can do everything alone, alternately twisting it one or the other, but it’s much slower, so imagine that you have a nearby friend.

You need to tighten until the cord starts to bend from the tension. Climax: cut circles, without losing the tension of the thread, hold both ends to each other and just let it go. You just have to cut the loop on the pole. You are in the hands of a strong and beautiful rope.

STOs. Prison card

The prison is a masterpiece of applied art. For making quality of STOs will take a few days. And every step of production — another life skill.

For making paper will need 12 sheets of A4, each is cut into three longitudinal parts. These pieces are glued in three layers to the glass paste of black bread. It all dries, and then placed under the press Board. Cut edge of the glass into rectangles 5×7 inches (this is the camp GOST, other size is unacceptable). Then find a master who grind the corners and leveled the deck with fine sandpaper and glass on a special principle.

Edge of the coat of gelatin is melted in a spoon with a capsule of antibiotic. The resultant deck is given to the artist who makes stencils from foil. Because in prison, banned colored stationery, then the red colour is often nothing like the (barter tubercular cigarettes) pill with the powder brick red inside and make the paint.

The designation card is also unique and not like ordinary cards. Many are simply not able to guess where what card.

Queen of clubs

Camp trade unions

Resourceful are not only convicts. Once in the zone, I was faced with an epic case Sinofsky “wit”. In the Tver region is 10 colonies. The staff areas are combined in some bands which is once a year or even more often, competing in agility and erudition. Moreover, these employees have children who also are United in groups and also compete with each other.

They compete in the following sports:

  • Best team name;
  • Best logo;
  • The newspaper;
  • Fun starts;
  • Chess or checkers;
  • Brain-ring.

It was something else, can’t remember. So, now we estimate the scale of the cynicism. They are all — parents and children — compete emblems, names, slogans and Newspapers, who invent and draw to them the inmates of the colonies, where their parents work.

Thieves, rapists and drug addicts competing with each other in the face of representatives of the administration of the colonies and their worthless kids. In short, my “Chicks” took third place!

The gun

Badass stuff

The gun twisted in a special way from many Newspapers tube length of about five feet. The second part of the gun is “cartridge” paper cone, weighted at the end of the bread crumb, with mounted inside the thread.

Most often the gun is used to create “roads through the air” — the line stretched between the cameras, enclosures, and even the will, which can transfer a variety of cargo.

Principle of operation: the tube is inserted the cartridge, inside of which neatly stacked multimeter thinnest thread, and the second end of which is fastened directly to the gun. According to the principle pulyaniya dart from the tube, this cartridge runs out the window with a sharp exhale. The flight of the cartridge can reach 50 meters — depending on the strength of exhalation shooting.

This cartridge caught on the other end, those who approached the fence of the prison and wants something to smuggle in a camera. Catching the cartridge, pull the thread and tie it to a thick fishing line. It pulled, letting him know that the line is fixed, after which the prisoners gently start to pull the thread back to the cell. Once tied to a string line will be in camera, given the signal, and this line will begin to tape all that is necessary to pass into the camera. In 100 cases out of 100 it’s mobile phones, SIM cards and drugs.

Well, the past: the road

The road is something that is impossible not to admire. A local Internet allowing prisoners to monitor all movement inside the prison and giving the opportunity to exchange letters and parcels with a size not exceeding a pack of cigarettes.

Going to any hut (unless it’s a cock or wool), after 10 minutes, ALL the prisoners will know which cell you are, where you come from and your name. Around the clock there is a warning about the movements along the corridors (program) prison. During the search of any camera in it all prohibited items will be instantly at the other end of the building and will be returned back on time.

How it works: thieves is a decree by which every decent house needs to be a way in one form or another. That is, each camera must have a message with at least one camera. If this is not the case, the chamber declared the wool (goat, Mussorgsky). Sitting in it, prisoners have problems for the rest of the term — and on all the time, what will happen then.

I won’t go into details, only worse petushatnik, and that is not a fact. In Tverskoy Central main road was Cabourg (accent on the A). It through holes in floors and walls between the chambers of about 10×10 centimeters. Holes polished with soap and water, not to scratch the hand and actually using them is all logistics. Each such hole is on duty as much as two people (roadman) on both sides.

The prison administration is not able to do that either. Anyway these kabur appear within one to two days, whatever it cost (even death). If iron is impossible to do technically, the road is getting better through the air or even through the sewers. Prison road is a steadfast symbol of human courage, resourcefulness and endurance. Jokes about it are not valid, the road always stand out comfortable places in the cells, they collection of cigarette, tea and food.

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