There will be no peace upon thy: Michael Jackson again accused of pedophilia

The king of pop did not 10 years ago, but the scandals surrounding his name are gaining new momentum. A new documentary about world-famous singer reveals shocking details about the sexual abuse of children, who were devoted admirers of talent of Michael Jackson.

The family of singer furious at such accusations, but the lawyer of the victims of pedophilia victims said that dead star was the hour of reckoning for their deeds. New details of the scandal read on.

10 years Michael Jackson is no longer among us, and now, after years of allegations of sexual abuse of boys was opened in the new world. Two people calling themselves victims of a singer, I hope that finally there will come the moment of truth and the king of pop will lose his crown.
Young Wade Robson (Wade Robson) with Michael Jackson after winning a dance contest

Sensational new documentary, “Leaving Neverland” (Leaving Neverland) for the first time will be shown in the US this week. Reveals previously unknown details of the allegations of sexual abuse of boys-fans of Jackson by Wade Robson and James Savchuk (James Safechuck). This caused uproar among the families of the deceased singer, but the two victims lawyer, Vince Finaldi (Vince Finaldi), one of the few people who already watched the film, says that now is the time of the last reckoning.

“Never before has the history of sexual violence, which was attended by Michael Jackson, was not fully disclosed. Her carefully concealed a whole army of people. It’s a chance James and Wade to prove to the world that they are abused for such a famous man,” says the lawyer.

James Savchuk accuses Michael Jackson of molesting a 10-year-old boy

The premiere of the film “Leaving Neverland” will be held at the famous Sandanska film festival in Utah in late January, and in the spring the film will show the General public. Documentary series consists of two parts and lasts 4 hours. It includes interviews with James, who is now 40, and Wade, who turned 36. Apart from the revelations of the victims of the victims in the film includes interviews with their mothers, wives and close relatives.
In 1988 Michael Jackson invited James to tour Jackson’s Bad, during which they visited London

The film’s Director, 54-year-old Dan reed (Dan Reed) from the UK, has released a documentary “Hunt for the pedophile” (The Paedophile Hunter). This film won a BAFTA (British Academy award of motion picture arts).

“Their voices must be heard. These two men plucked up courage and told their stories. I have no doubt their honesty,” says Dan Reid.

Wade and James filed a lawsuit for compensation for moral damage. They want to get part of the estate of Michael Jackson, who died from an overdose of drugs in June 2009

Australian Wade said that the adored singer from the age of two. In 5 years he won one of the dance competitions the opportunity to dance with his idol on the same stage.

In 1990, the year when he was 7 years old, he was invited to Disneyland where he met again with Jackson. James argues that sexual violence against him began that year and lasted until he was 14 years old. The documents indicated that for the first time a young fan got in bed with Jackson in his estate Neverland, which is located in Los Olivos, California. According to the victim, Jackson ordered him not to tell anyone about what they do.
Photo of Jackson with James Savchuka behind the scenes phantom of the Opera

“People are ignorant and they will never understand that we love each other, and that’s how we show love. If anyone finds out, our lives and career will be over,” explained the singer to the boy.

Jackson made visas for Wade, his mom and sisters, so they could move to America, in 1991

In 2013, Jackson told me that all the time when he and Michael were together, occurred sexual relations. Every night the singer molested him. It all began, usually, with caresses, continued French kissing and ended in oral sex.

In the court documents describes that Jackson showed porn to Wade, calling him “my baby”, and satisfied himself, looking at a naked boy.
Jackson was charged with child molestation in 2005 but he was acquitted

In addition, Jackson often organized set of young dancers to participate in the filming of their video clips. After that, there was another scandal involving sexual abuse of another boy. A few years before that, in 1987, Jackson starred with a nine-year-old actor James Savchuk in advertising “Pepsi”.
A frame from the video for the song Triller

In the end, a dedicated star James, from Simi valley (CA) arrived at the home of pop legends, where Jackson gave him $ 700 and a jacket, which he starred in the video for the song “Thriller” (Thriller). He gave the boy and his family travel to new York with the opportunity to stay in luxurious Trump Tower and visit the musical “the phantom of the Opera”. Michael Jackson allegedly even put bells in the hallway to protect themselves from the arrival of uninvited guests.

Jackson took the young fan with him on a world tour Bad Tour in 1988. James claims that the sexual abuse began when they arrived in Paris. He was only 10 years old. The singer taught the boy “the ugly code words on the topic of sex and semen”. The victim said that Jackson used secret signals, for example, lightly scratching his arm with your finger to show that he wants sex.
Savchuk and Michael Jackson on a world tour, The Bad Tour

James also says that the singer even held a secret wedding ceremony between them, with a fake wedding rings and marriage certificate. Jackson coached the boy quickly dressed, showing porn and forced to drink wine. They spent the night in the star’s house, where he raped James in the secret “sex closet” in the bedroom. All these details are included in the documents of the case.

As in the case with Wade, sexual harassment against Savchuk stopped when he started puberty. For the first time allegations of child sexual abuse have been publicly brought against Michael Jackson in 1993, when 13-year-old Jordan Chandler (Jordan Chandler) told about the violence against them. On this fact criminal case was initiated.
In 2005, Jackson was acquitted of charges of molesting a 13-year-old Gavin, arvizo (Gavin Arvizo)

11-year-old Wade at the time, said in an interview that during overnight stays at the singer’s house of sexual relations between them were. He later gave an official statement about the innocence of Jackson to corruption. Now Wade says that the singer is good then brainwashed him to make him smart “soldier.”

“They say we were doing all these nasty sexual things. We are unable to put behind bars for life,” the frightened boy Jackson.

Jordan case was closed in 1994 for lack of corpus delicti

In 2005, Wade was called as a witness at the trial of the sexual abuse of another boy, 13-year-old Gavin, arvizo. Wade said that Michael Jackson never molested him. The singer was acquitted.

Wade and James together filed a lawsuit in 2012. They demanded compensation for moral damages from the heirs of the singer. Father Wade has committed suicide three years ago, after he decided that his son had sexually abused Michael Jackson.
No details were known until 2012 while Wade is not addressed on reception to the psychotherapist. In the end he decided to come clean. At that time the man was renowned dance Director and choreographer.

“I will never be able to forget for one minute what you have done to me Michael, but then I mentally and emotionally could not and did not want to understand that it was sexual abuse,” says Wade.

James is now programmer and father of two children. He filed in the court documents, which reports that so far every day to overcome panic, depression and anxiety.

The heirs of Jackson called the documentary “a scheme for making money”. Both the plaintiff’s claim on the property of the heirs of the stars. The first time nothing happened, since the charges were filed too late, and the suspect was already dead.

“I spoke with Wade Robson many times. He solemnly promised Michael never to touch him. What is happening now is just making money using the film,” says attorney Brian Oxman (Brian Oxman), one of the groups of protection of Jackson in 2005.

Robson and Savchuk claim they have not received a penny from the makers of the film and just want to protect their rights in court, winning started. Their lawyer, Mr. Finaldi, said that the next hearing will be held in the summer of 2019, and they hope that I will win it.

Chronology of the scandal
Michael Jackson with young fan Jordan Chandler to allegations of corruption

1993: Jackson is accused of molesting 13-year-old Jordan Chandler. Police starts investigation and finds pictures of scantily clad boys on the estate Neverland.

1994: the case of Jackson close. The Chandler family receives $ 25 million compensation.

2003: Michael Jackson is accused of seven cases of sexual abuse of children and two counts of use of intoxicating substances to commit sexual violence against Gavin, arvizo, who at that time was 14 years old.

2005: Jackson wins in all courts in the matter of arvizo.

2009: Michael Jackson dies in a rented house in Los Angeles at the age of 50 years old from a drug overdose.

2013: Wade Robson claims that Jackson had molested him.

2014: James Savchuk for the first time reports that the king of pop joined with him in sexual relations.

2016: the unknown woman under the code name “Jane DOE” filed a lawsuit stating that she was a victim of sexual abuse by the singer from age 12 to 15 years. She said that he later paid her $ 900,000 to keep quiet. Soon, the woman refused to continue the investigation.
There is nothing hidden that will not become manifest. If the case is Robson-Savchuk will be investigated and the thing was true, the glory of the deceased singer will turn to dust, as his body in the grave, and the soul will not know peace, cursed those whom he mutilated fate. Time will tell who is right and who is really to blame.

Do you believe in the truthfulness of the accusations of Michael Jackson in the Commission of vile crimes against children?

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