A loving father built a spaceship for my son

Some kids don’t want to sleep in his crib — instead, they prefer the comfort of the parental bed. Therefore, adults in search of relaxation and privacy, are forced to be creative. So a Reddit user under the nickname Dericrw with his wife solved this problem by using a bedroom in the style of “Star wars”, which had been constructed specially for her little son. And who would refuse the chance to sleep inside a space ship?

Loving parents equipped with sleeping place for your child based on the “Millennium Falcon”.

Caring father — the employee of Studio “Oklahoma Kid Designs”, so the creation of these masterpieces for him, nothing new.

Bed frame is assembled and fixed under the ceiling.

Then did the trim and do internal fill.

Son was delighted with this idea and actively helped parents in the construction of the space of the bed.

Inside for a comfortable sleep found a bed, an led light and a fan for air circulation.

On the opposite wall hung TV, the baby could lay in bed to watch your favorite cartoons.

Also, the wall is equipped with a cache which stores the NERF guns and lightsabers, which you can use to fend off bad dreams.

The small bedroom it was impossible to fit the full version of the ship, so it was decided to build a part, and the rest to finish on the wall.

It creates the illusion that the ship is about to leave the boundaries of the room and flies away into deep space.

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