Australian who have not eaten sugar for 28 years, looks half her age

Carolyn Hartz frontline from Australia, mother of three children, 70 years old, and it looks great. The woman admits that 28 years ago was literally addicted to sugar and sweets. “The majority of women age 50 and older believe that it is impossible to maintain your figure and weight. Even after 40 women who have children believe that it is impossible to return to the old figure.”

Carolyn assures that everything is possible, you just have to really want it and work hard. And I must admit, her body is the best confirmation of her words.

“With age our metabolism slows down. This means that you need to take control of his body, to make decisions in favour of health and to work on themselves a little more.”

“I think it’s really important to pay attention to what and how much you eat. Thoughtlessness always leads to excess weight. Enjoy every bite. This will help you not to overeat”.

For 28 years, Carolyn Hartz frontline doesn’t eat sugar. She found an alternative — xylitol (Xylitol), a polyhydric alcohol in the form of colorless crystals, soluble in water. The caloric content of xylitol is close to sugar in sweetness close to sucrose, but the biological has no value.

According to Carolyn Hartz frontline, obesity in Australia has reached epidemic levels and one of the reasons for this is sugar.

“I gave up sugar for 28 years. The first time was very hard, because I was obsessed with sweet and could not do without him. I’m sure due to the fact that I don’t eat sugar, my health is fine and I have no extra weight”. The Australian does not call to completely abandon your favorite foods and drinks — everything should be in moderation.

Plays an important role and sleeping. Carolyn Hartz frontline tries to sleep at least eight hours a day to body and mind restored. Even the Australian calls meditation: “Every day before work I meditate for half an hour, it helps me throughout the day. I became calmer and more collected since then, as in 65 years began to meditate. To start something it’s never too late”.

Women age 20 and 30 years Carolyn Hartz frontline advises to live a full life. “Be happy, rejoice in the successes of others and never worry about age. Don’t listen to anybody, be yourself. Yes, life is far from perfect, deal with it”.

“There is no such thing as failure. It’s just a stone on the path to success.”

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