Without the cat, and life is not the same: balanced cats acrobats demonstrate the wonders of balance

Cats inspired artists for many millennia. From the drawings on the walls of Egyptian pyramids to modern graphic design, graceful and refined, they gently breaking legs from one artwork to another. Photographers are not left out and try to catch the shot wonders balancing these acrobats-“Cotabato”. Watch pictures love cats photo artist Sabrina Boehm (Sabrina Boem) and enjoy the grace of a fluffy little cuties.

Photographer Sabrina Boehm so admired feline brethren that have spent years creating wonderful frames with cats in the lead roles. She calls herself “cotognata” and began to photograph the cats when I took them to his house first street cat, that was 6 years ago.

From that time until now woman is working on several “cat” photo projects. One of her latest photobook devoted to the peculiarities of the behavior of cats-“odecalc”. It came up with the name for cats, balancing on the rails, tree branches and other narrow supports. The movement through the tight passages making them more like trams-odnoklas.

“I would love to see the cats in all situations. They seem to me very funny when I use my cat logic in everyday life. I’ve met many cats-“odecalc” and photographed them on the street. They love to sleep in the most inconvenient places,” — says the photographer.

The portfolio of the photographer consists of black-and-white images of cats, which show that for these animals there is no concept of inconvenient or insufficient space. Their legs are placed everywhere: plump fluffy kotofey sit on the tops of high trees and “leak” through narrow fences.

Pictures of Sabrina Boehm demonstrate that each of the fearless catogeries balances, like a talented acrobat on a tightrope. No wonder because cats have 9 lives.

Charming “kurobuta” like, of course, every animal lover. Graceful and confident, they must possess special skills, and the earth’s gravity on them just won’t work. And these pictures prove once again that all cats — a little magicians.

Do you have at home is the same cute and fluffy ball of happiness?

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