6 simple rules of concentration, which will change your life

How often do you can’t focus on one thing makes me nervous, angry and eventually go to bed with a bad mood? The authors of this Japanese technique has created a way to get pleasure from work, love her and all the time.

By following these 6 simple tips, you will learn to live in harmony with yourself and attain true happiness.

Many people can often be very difficult to focus on one task. Because of this they spend a lot of time on unnecessary things, all the time distracted, tired quickly, but did not have time to do it.

Hence, there are nervousness, irritability, apathy or low mood. To avoid this, just follow the six simple tips that will help you to find harmony and achieve success.

6 steps to improve with the technique of concentration ichigyo-zammai

Start your morning with the compilation of the list of thingsyou want to accomplish today.

Sort things by importance. First do the tasks that you believe will make your day more successful.

Determine how much time you need to perform specific tasks. Do the same with the other points of the plan.

Start to pay attention to how many useful and important things you can do in a short period of time. Noticing this, you cease to be distracted by trivia.

When you start to take on a certain case, set the timer. Perform scheduled until until the bell rings, and stay focused!

First, you will feel that it’s incredibly difficult, but soon you get used to this routine, when you realize how much you have and how easily you can perform everyday tasks.

Maintain your concentration by using thought control. When you notice that your brain is “disabled”, again direct thoughts into the working channel. Remind yourself that you will reach great results.

While you do things from the list, pay attention to your surroundings. Think how wonderful that you have such a life. Rejoice in the presence of the work and not think about how it bothered you.

Stop to devote time to detail. Instead of constantly check the notifications on my phone from strangers, talk to sitting next to a man, he will be pleasantly surprised.

When you learn to follow these tips, you will become much calmer and more attentive, will find harmony and learn to cope with daily chores much faster than usual.

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