It has grown, it has increased: 19 the best attempts of playing children photos

Photos of children can not leave indifferent — they will cause a variety of emotions, whether it is light grief and nostalgia or laughter from your terrible at the time, the hairstyles and happy toothless smiles. Our childhood, unfortunately, did not return, but you can try to recall and reproduce the enduring hilarity that reigned in the Golden and innocent.

We present you 19 the best attempts of playing children’s photos.

When a childhood dream came true.

“1978 and in 2008 — my first Board.”

“I have brothers, friends and cousins”.

“I decided to play with his brothers baby photo 18 years later — I think our mother never laughed.”

15 years later.

“My first and best friend Ramona is 16 years difference.”

“1984 and 2013 — my brothers and I have reproduced the selling picture taken on the Capitol of Texas.”

“17 years later, I became an artist”.

Father and son — then and now.

15 years later.

“Me and my friends 11 years later.”

“Then and now — with our son portrait on the copy machine”.

16 years later.

20 years ago and now.

Between 10 years difference.

“I still love pasta.”

“My best friend 10 years later.”

“In honor of dad’s birthday we tried to reproduce the same photo 20 years later — though we have slightly increased.”

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