Confessions of a photographer: the American took the dying spoke about dreams and regrets

In the Los Angeles Museum of tolerance opened an unusual exhibition. The author of photos, photographer Andrew George, turned in one of the hospitals of the city with an unusual request: he wanted to capture on my photographs of people dying. So Andrew wanted to talk about the conventional wisdom, which is rich in dying. Perhaps many of us it will help to live a more full life.

“I originally wanted to do a project about the severe trials which many of us sometimes think. I was thinking about whether to do a project about the exceptional, the extraordinary people who have overcome fears that we all had to face. At some point, I came up with the idea that to achieve the desired result, I can only working with people who are dying,” — said Andrew.

Andrew and Nellie Gutierrez, the only survivor of all the heroes of the photo project.

The project consists of more than 20 photographs, which are accompanied by words of the characters about their hopes, dreams, happy moments in life and regrets. A common feature uniting all the people in the photographs — the lack of fear of death. Many, in spite of the morbid and the pain that they experience, still was looking forward to the opportunity to welcome a new day.

Nelly Gutierrez admits that experienced difficult times but no regrets. She said that helped her a great desire to return to his family.

Sally told that the cancer crawls up to her while she cared for their sick brothers and sisters.

“My wife was the love of my life. In the 40’s I knew a Japanese woman…” — says Jack.

“It’s a beautiful day. I look how the wind carries the leaves away, and I’m happy to be alive right now,” shared Irene.

“I regret that had not maintained contact with her daughter in El Salvador. I just didn’t give her the right to become a part of my life,” laments Rene.

“Time is a precious thing. Life is not infinite. You never know how soon it will end. You need to take risks!” — calls on Sarah.

Kim talked about the fact that you can’t miss an opportunity to tell people about how I feel. “My children and my mother will remember me because I cared about them,” she added.

“I feel like the luckiest man on earth: I have a wonderful wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. No one would have asked for more,” said Joe.

Josephine admits that he was never afraid to die: “If you’re dead, you’re dead. All. Nothing will never be the same, and in reincarnation I do not believe.”

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