The dangerous beauties of the world: 6 girls wrestlers from all over the world

Beauty, health and grace have always been attracted to men in women. What could be better than a sport girl? Only sports a girl who can stand up for themselves! The struggle for many years was considered a male occupation, and women in this sport were few. But today everything has changed. (Caution! Nude)

1. The legend of women’s MMA Ronda rousey (Ronda Rousey)

This girl started her sports career in judo and eventually became a symbol of women’s MMA. The love of the sport instilled in Ronda’s mother all his life engaged in judo and achieved this much success. Sporty milf in the morning, woke the daughter with a special move “armbar” and accustomed to daily training.

This approach to education gave its fruit, and already in 17 years, Rosie took to the Olympic judo team, where she was the youngest member. Rhonda is the owner of a silver medal at the world Championships in Rio de Janeiro, and the bronze medal of the Beijing Olympics.

Having reached serious successes in judo, she decided to try himself in the octagon when women’s sports fighting MMA is still in its infancy. Rhonda succeeded, and here, becoming a champion of the organization Strictors. Then Rosie moved to the UFC and for a very long time was the champion until he loses to Amanda Nunes and Holly Holm.

Today the girl is not involved in MMA fights. Ronda rousey tries his hand at wrestling and in films. Champion and beauty can be seen in the films “the Expendables 3”, “furious 7” and “Entourage.”

2. Hot Brazilian Mackenzie Dern (Dern Mackenzie)

World champion in Brazilian JIU-jitsu Mackenzie Dern was born in the USA in a sports family. Her father, Wellington “Megaton” Diaz, star JIU-jitsu world scale, from an early age introduced her daughter to the fight. He started three years at six Mackenzie began to participate in competitions, and at fourteen went to the world Cup, where he brought the gold.

At sixteen the girl left the ranks of the juniors and began to compete with older rivals. Some victory Turf just hard to believe. The girl weighs only 52 kg got beat in a fight Gabi Garcia, who was heavier by as much as 40 lbs! This victory has given the girl a hard time — before that she lost to Gabi as much as 5 times.

Mackenzie Dern is a multiple world champion in Brazilian JIU-jitsu, the winner of the Abu Dhabi World Pro several years occupied the top spot ranking IBJJF, consistently defeating all its rivals. Now the girl-fighter wins MMA in its coin box already 7 victories and no defeats.

3. Kyra Gracie (Kyra Gracie) of the powerful clan of Gracie

In Brazilian JIU-jitsu, the Gracie clan is considered to be the most effective. It was he who gave the world the largest number of top fighters in the main form of martial arts, and in the octagon. Kyra Gracie is the first of the women of the family become the owner of the title of world champion in JIU-jitsu. At 24, she already became the owner of a black belt.

Kira is now a four-time world champion in Brazilian JIU-jitsu, a five-time champion Brazil and three-time winner of the title champion, ADCC grappling.

Not so long ago appeared in the media rumors that the athlete tries his hand still in the box. In MMA Kyra Gracie still has not been noticed, although in interviews she often says that this kind of martial arts very interesting.

It should be noted that beauty is well-known that in photo shoots she looks no worse than on a wrestling Mat. Gracie has a lot of nice images in a very seductive images.

4. Sambista Marina Mohnatkina

Unlike most Champions of the beauties of MMA, Marina was not involved in the fight against childhood. She grew up a sports kid, but he was fond of athletics. At the age of 14 Mokhnatkin was already a master of sports in running for long distances.

In the Sambo girl came in 2004, deciding to try a new direction sport. Now Marina says that it is in the section came 25 girls, but after a year left that one.

This girl sees a positive point — sparring, she had to deal exclusively with guys that had a positive impact on the preparation of athletes. The athlete admits that it was hard and she had shed many tears, but victory in the games with the girls she began to be very easy.

Seven-times champion of Russia, six-time world champion and two time European champion in Sambo now conquers MMA. The girl held in Russian Fight Nights promotion for five fights, four of which won submission holds, and one lost on points.

5. Romi Tarangul (Romy Tarangul) — judo star and “Playboy”

Romy in sports from 8 years — at this age the parents took the baby to the judo section. The athlete was to their first championship titles in early adolescence, and by adulthood may already consider yourself an accomplished star of world judo.

Among the victories Romi “silver” the European Championship in Lisbon, “bronze” at the world Championships in Rotterdam and bronze at the 2012 European Championship held in Chelyabinsk. These victories opened the girl the road to the Olympics.

Tried Romi Tarangul and as an erotic model. In 2008, the girl was invited to take part in a photo shoot for “Playboy” and she, to the delight of millions of men all over the world, not abandoned.

It is quite clear that if I ever decide to quit the sport, with their appearance and charm she is definitely not lost.

6. Rachel Ostovich (Rachael Ostovich)- Hawaiian sex bomb MMA

Rachel was born into a family and started to do judo very early. I must say that compared to other girls from this collection, its success in martial arts was more modest. Ostovich, only became the champion of your state.

From judo Hawaiian kruscica moved to UFC, where she is recorded four wins and four defeats.

Not long ago, Rachel became the current figure in a major scandal in MMA. Her badly beaten husband, also a mixed martial arts fighter Arnold Burdon. Due to injuries sustained at home, the athlete was unable to participate in the planned match with Paige van Zant.

“Arnold hit me on the head, face, ribs, until I fell. I was suffocating, but escaped through the balcony. I coughed up blood a few times I threw up. He broke my orbital bone.”

After the battle, the husband of the athletes was under arrest on suspicion of attempted murder.

Rachel is well known to MMA fans in the first place, extravagant behavior. The girl went to the weigh-in costume of Wonder woman, as well as put silicone breast implants.

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