Terrible prototypes: 11 real murderers, bloody deeds which have become subjects for Hollywood films

Their pictures can be found only in materials of criminal cases about the crimes that they have committed. Killer, “famous for” the most brutal killings of his victims, were the prototypes of the heroes of popular movies.

What are the real personality behind the characters of Hollywood films, learn from our material.

1. The case of the Parker-Hulme (Parker-Hulme), which became the basis of the plot for the film “Heavenly creatures.”
The main role in this 1994 film played a young Kate Winslet. The plot is based on the story of Pauline Parker (Pauline Parker) and Juliet Hulme (Juliet Hulme), 15-year-old girls from New Zealand. The girls were best friends, and this friendship was very close and passionate. They spent a lot of time together, inventing stories and playing.

The tragedy occurred in 1954. Once Pauline was offended at her mother, honor (Honorah). Together with Juliet, they drove the woman to the Park where he beat her to death with stones.
Girls freed from jail after five and a half years. Then Juliet went to the UK and later became a famous writer of crime novels, taking the pseudonym Anne Perry (Ann Perry).

2. Murder “Gainesvillega the Ripper” was the basis for the plot of the movie “Scream”.
In the movie “Scream” a group of high school students were brutally murdered by a serial killer known as the Mask, armed with a knife.
Serial killer Danny rolling (Danny Rolling), also known as “Gainsville Ripper”, in 1990 he murdered five students in Florida.
While the maniac was wanted, high school and University students was so afraid of his attack, that went to sleep in groups of a few people.

3. “Binversie murder in the henhouse” was the basis of the movie “Changeling”.
The film, in which the main role was played by Angelina Jolie, is based on real events — a horrific story of the murder of twenty boys in California, which occurred in the 1920-ies.

9-year-old Walter Collins (Walter Collins) went missing March 10, 1928. In August, the police picked up the boy, who was thus considered a missing child. The mother of Walter Collins denied that it’s her son, but the cops made her take the boy home. After that, the woman was in a psychiatric hospital, insisting that the police gave her someone else’s child.
Actually Walter Collins was stolen and killed 21-year-old Gordon Stewart Northcott (Gordon Stewart Northcott). Maniac led the boys to his ranch, raped and wound up in the chicken coop to show how to hatch chickens. In the chicken coop, he killed them with an axe and buried the bodies in quicklime to destroy the evidence.

4. Horrifying story “the Poisoner of Bradmore” was the subject for the film “Handbook the young poisoner”.
Graham young (Graham Young), “Poisoner from Bradmore”, was only 14 years old when he began to mix poisons by their own recipes and test their effect on family members, Pets and high school friends. He gave his family poisoned tea, from which he died his stepmother, Molly. It happened in 1962. Yang was arrested and put behind bars, he was released from prison after 9 years.

The second wave of poisonings began in 1971, when young worked in fotocommunity in the English village of Bovingdon. Employees started to hurt — suffered from vomiting, convulsions, diarrhea, numbness of the limbs. Soon the people began to lose hair, then the two men died. It turned out that Yang had put poison in the tea, which was treated staff. He was again arrested and died in prison in 1990, at the age of 42 years.

5. Australian “murder tourists” became the basis of the horror film “pitfall”.
The basis for the horror film “pitfall” became a true story that occurred in Australia. In 1992-1993, a National Park Belango State Forest were found the bodies of seven young tourists, hidden under the branches of trees. Some victims were shot, some stabbed, and some mutilated, and strangled. Later found the killer.
It was the 50-year-old road worker Ivan Milat (Ivan Milat). He picked up tourists, offering them a ride, and then dragged into the woods and killed.

In 2012, the eldest nephew of Ivan, a 19-year-old Matthew Milat (Matthew Milat) took part in this crime. He hacked to death a 17-year-old boy in the same forest.

6. Murders committed by Aileen Wuornos, formed the basis for the film “Monster” with Charlize Theron in the title role.

The movie “Monster” tells the story of Aileen Wuornos (Aileen Wuornos), a prostitute from Daytona beach, Florida. Her victims were seven men, businessmen of middle age. A woman lured them into the forest where they were shot at close range.
The real killer (left) and the blonde-transformer Charlize Theron

At the trial of Aileen Wuornos initially claimed that it was self-defense, because men raped and beat her. She later changed her story and said:

“I have long hated people. I’m a serial killer. I killed them in cold blood and hatred.”

Aileen Wuornos was executed in 2002.

7. The killer, nicknamed the zodiac became the prototype of the hero of the film “zodiac”.

The film “zodiac” is based on the history of the eponymous killer, who in 1960-1970-ies in California, killing young couples in their cars. The serial killer sent the police the letter puzzles, signed with the letter “Z”, in which, perhaps, was the clue to the killer’s identity. The killer was accused of murdering 37 people but was never caught.

8. A series of murders committed by Charles Starkweather, became the basis for the films of Terrence Malick “Badlands” and Peter Jackson’s “the Scarecrow”.
The character of kit Caruthers from the movie “Wasteland” was “copied” from a real serial killer 19-year-old Charles Starkweather (Charles Starkweather), who took the life of 11 people in Nebraska. Charles was killed along with his girlfriend, 14-year-old caril Ann Fugate (Caril Ann Fugate).
The guy fought a lot with their parents due to the fact that they had interfered in his personal life. Starkweather killed all family members of their young mistress, including her 2-year-old sister. His other victims — 21-year-old girl who was on duty at a gas station, sailor, traveler and couple of kids in love. Charles Starkweather was executed by electric chair in 1959. Caril Ann was released from prison in 1976 and got a job as a nurse in a hospital in Michigan.
Director Peter Jackson was fascinated by the perverse relationship between Charles and caril Ann, and created on the basis of this story a Comedy a horror film “Scarecrow”.

9. The story of “the pied Piper of Tucson” was the basis of the plot of the movie “Pleasant conversation”.
The film “Pleasant conversation” based on the story of serial murders committed by Charles “smitty” Schmid (Charles “Smitty” Schmid) in Tucson, Arizona, in the 1960-ies. “Smitty” was a charismatic and popular 23-year-old young man, extraordinary, staggering, partying and breaking girls ‘ hearts.
When he started bragging to people about what kills women, and even share the victims ‘ bodies buried in a vacant lot, no one blabbed about it, because “smitty” was very reputable and popular. All opened after the murder of three girls: 15-year-old Eileen Rowe (Alleen Rowe), 17-year-old Gretchen Fritz (Fritz Gretchen) and her younger sister, 13-year-old Wendy (Wendy). Schmid was convicted and imprisoned. He was stabbed inmates in 1975.

10. Killed his family Ronald Defeo became the prototype of the hero of the film “the Amityville Horror”.
Haunted house from the movie “the Amityville Horror” was copied from the house of Ronald Defeo, Jr., 23-year-old man from Amityville, long island. He killed six members of his family: mother, father, two younger brothers and two sisters.
The Defeo family were shot in their beds at three in the morning. After the murder, Ronald went to the local bar and called for help. Most mysterious in this story that each victim was found in bed lying on my stomach. Still unclear why after the first shots the rest of the family woke up and escaped from the killer.

11. Ed Gein, nicknamed “the Butcher of Plainfield”: the story of a murderer, which became the basis for the movies “Psycho” and “Texas chainsaw massacre”.
In November 1957, the police entered the old farmhouse in Wisconsin and saw a gruesome scene: a human skull converted into bowls, chairs upholstered in human skin, a lampshade made of human faces, women’s genitals in a box from under the Shoe, the skull on the headboard of the lips on the rope on the window frame and other horrible things.
Everything did ed Gein (Ed Gein), which, after the death of his mother lived in a hut all alone. Maniac stitched skin suit of his mother, believing that this was her clothing. Gein said that most of the bodies for their fun he was digging in the local cemetery. He confessed to the murder of two women and the rest of his life in a psychiatric hospital, until his death in 1984.

From these horrible stories the blood-curdling and hair-raising. Bloodthirsty killer lived in a normal society, and no one even knew about their horrible deeds. Black the memory of them still lives, and films related to their chilling stories, once again I remind you that the maniacs go with us on a single street.

And you ran back down my spine from the horrible atrocities of these murderers?

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