The Golden youth of Istanbul: a tiger instead of a dog and a helicopter instead of the subway

They are young, rich and carefree. Money parents open the door to a world of luxury and madness. Golden youth cuts through Istanbul on the Golden cars and drives a manual of tigers on gold chains. As the younger generation of the Turkish elite, boasting the size of their wallets — see our material.

The sun is always shining the rich and the Istanbul Golden youth is not tired to prove it. January, for many it has become the most expensive month of the year, but for the offspring of Turkish rich spending is the meaning of life. They post in Instagram a photo of another expensive “toy” that pulled the big money.
This beauty landed in Istanbul on your private helicopter

Young rich people even created a group of “Rich kids of Istanbul” (The Rich Kids of Istanbul), which was signed more than 12 000 people. Young business heir and the offspring of the most famous and wealthy people of Turkey are demonstrating their luxurious and successful life all over the world.
Socialite Delivered aleyna (Aleyna Dalveren) posing near a car, gold custom made

Golden youth burns life as you can: some people spend massive amounts of money on cool gold-plated cars and personal helicopters, others excite the minds of subscribers photos from exotic Pets, for example, predatory cats. Rich brats flaunt in designer outfits and not worry about anything.
As for Pets, the young, the rich choose something more exotic such as tiger
The wearer of Instagram under the name Flawless Barbie demonstrates her passion for pink color when engaged in shopping in Istanbul
Diamond ring and bracelet speak for themselves. Well, Porsche too, of course
To show a great sense of style and sophistication, this young man posing with his two Pets: a dog and a car
When her outfit goes well with her “Range Rover”, the Burj Ozturk (Burcu Öztürk) is simply obliged to take a picture
This lady posted a photo in which she is riding in a Jaguar, hung with diamonds
Kerim Büyük (Büyük Kerim) enjoys lovely views to enjoy from the Windows of its comfortable high-speed “Mercedes”
Dressed, Lena Taktash (Studying Taktaş) ready for an eventful day in the city, sitting in the smart car
This girl came out of a luxurious Porsche to make a selfie during the trip
Party animal Eryilmaz Bekir (Bekir Eryılmaz) looks great in tandem with its matte gray-yellow car
When going to Board a private yacht, what could be better than access by a Porsche of the same color
Socialite Bahar Gandan gets behind the wheel of his luxury car in stiletto heels

Here they are, “Rich kids of Istanbul” — a light-hearted, fearless and reckless. They carouse recklessly, riding in expensive cars and ringing with diamonds. Buy luxury goods has become a real competition: who is cooler, richer, more refined. Everyone has their own meaning of life and the Golden youth of Istanbul finds it in the waste.

Would you like to ride in a gold car with a tiger cub in your arms?

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