10 actors, chameleons, able to transform into anyone

One of the main measures acting talent is the ability to transform. Because in order to play someone is not enough makeup, the actor should be able to get used to the necessary image. Literally become the one who needed the Director at the moment.

And many of the actors we like that kind of metamorphosis. Immediately think of sir Anthony Hopkins and his inimitable Hannibal Lecter. One of the most memorable images in film history, which does not prevent him to play many more roles in other projects. And who else can be called a master of disguise?

Johnny Depp

“Fear and loathing in Las Vegas”, 1998

“Pirates of the Caribbean”, 2003

“Johnny D.”, 2009

“Dark shadows”, 2012

“Fantastic beasts and where they live”, 2016

Cate Blanchett

“Elizabeth,” 1998

“The Lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring”, 2001

“The Aviator”, 2004

“Jasmine”, 2013

“Thor: Ragnarok”, 2017

Gary Oldman

“Sid and Nancy”, 1986

“Dracula”, 1992

“Interstate 60”, 2002

“Batman Begins”, 2005

The “dark ages”, 2017

Tilda Swinton

Orlando, 1992

“Constantine: Lord of darkness”, 2005

“Burn after reading”, 2008

“Hotel “Grand Budapest””, 2014

“Doctor Strange”, 2016

Jared Leto

“Fight club”, 1999

“Requiem for a dream”, 2000

“Dallas buyers club”, 2013

“Suicide squad” in 2016

“Blade runner — 2049”, 2017

Helena Bonham Carter

“Fight club”, 1999

Planet of the apes, 2001

“Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix”, 2007

“Les Miserables”, 2012

“Alice in Wonderland”, 2016

Michael Fassbender

“Brothers in arms”, 2001

“300”, 2007

“X-men: First class”, 2011

“Jobs”, 2015

“Alien: The Covenant”, 2017

Charlize Theron

“Devil’s advocate”, 1997

“Monster”, 2003

“Snow white and the huntsman”, 2012

“Mad Max: fury Road” 2015

“The explosive blonde” 2017

Christian Bale

American psycho, 2000

“The machinist”, 2004

“The dark knight”, 2008

“American hustle”, 2013

“Power”, 2018

Natalie Portman

“Leon”, 1994

“Star wars. Episode I: the phantom menace”, 1999

“Black Swan”, 2010

Jackie, 2016

“Annihilation”, 2018

The worst thing for a talented actor is to become hostage to one role. It often happens that after an incredibly played the role of the other Directors refuse to take the actor to my project because it is too strongly associated with a certain character. Something similar is happening with johnny Depp, which is now forever captain Jack Sparrow, but at the same time we know and the dramatic side of his talent.

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