Where can I watch the US Election in the UK?

In the US millions will be voting in the election on Tuesday, November 3. And for those hoping to watch the election results in the UK, Brits will be spoiled for choice of US election coverage on TV and online. All times below are in GMT.

Where can I watch the US election on TV?

Hosted by Katty Kay in Washington and Andrew Neil from London, the BBC will be running their US Election 2020 results programme.

The programme will start from 11.30pm and will last until 9am on Wednesday, November 4.

The programme will be broadcast on BBC One and on the BBC News Channel.


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Reporters Emily Maitlis and Nick Bryant will be broadcasting from key swing states in the election.

The BBC are promising “big-screen graphic analysis of results” and “commentary from a panel of political experts”.

The programme will also be shown on the BBC World News channel.

Sky will also be running their own election coverage on the Sky News TV channel.

Titled America Decides, the programme will start at 10pm tonight and will be anchored by Dermot Murnaghan.

US Correspondent Cordelia Lynch, former aide to Donald Trump, Omarosa Manigault Newman and the former British Ambassador to the US Sir Kim Darroch will also be taking part in the programme.

The channel’s coverage will also include a “a bespoke augmented reality studio”, which Sky states will allower viewers to “visualise the ‘Race to the White House’ like never before”.

You can tune in via Sky TV channel 501 or Freeview 132.

ITV are also running an election night special called Trump Vs. Biden: The Results.

You can catch the programme from 11pm until 6am on Wednesday morning, and Tom Bradby will be hosting the show from the US.

Where can I watch the US election online?

The BBC’s US Election 2020 results programme will also be streamed live on the BBC iPlayer from 11.30pm until 9am on Wednesday.

The programme will also be streamed live on the BBC news website.

If you want to tune in, BBC Radio 4 will also be offering coverage of the election between 10pm and 6am on Wednesday.

You can also catch Sky’s election coverage online via the live international streaming service on Sky News mobile and their website.

Across the Sky News social media channels you can also access breaking news and analysis from the election.

To watch American broadcasters, CNN, NBC News, CBS News and ABC News are also streaming their coverage on their websites or via YouTube.

Trump Vs. Biden: The Results can also be watched via the ITV Hub online.


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