Rare photographs of Soviet celebrities who have you seen

We used to see Soviet celebrities on screen in your favorite films that we already know by heart, but continue to watch every time they’re on TV. We already have a long-established images, built mainly on the roles the same actors, which are often far from the truth.

We present to you 20 photos of the famous Soviet Directors, actors and composers appear in a different light.

Clown Oleg Popov visiting parents in the country, 1968. Photo of Vyacheslav Andesine / Fotokhronika TASS

Alexander Kaidanovsky as Lancelot and mark Heras in the role of Mordred on the set of the film “a Connecticut Yankee in king Arthur’s court”, 1987. Photo by Yury Ivanov / RIA Novosti

Soviet actress Aleksandra Yakovleva skydiving, 1985. Photo by V. Sorokin / RIA Novosti

Composer Alexey Rybnikov for piano, 1983. Photo of Boris Usmycin / RIA Novosti

Fotoproba Vasily Livanov in the role of Athos in the film “D’artagnan and three Musketeers”, 1978. Photo archive of the Odessa film Studio

Vasily Shukshin says goodbye to his wife Lydia before shooting, 1974. Photo by A. Kovtun / Fotokhronika TASS

Striker of the USSR national team, world and European champion in hockey Vyacheslav Bykov, 1985. Photo by Sergei Guneev / RIA Novosti

Composer Grigory Gladkov sings his songs at the cinema animated film “Barricades”, 1986. Photo by Alexander Sagina / Fotokhronika TASS

Djuna Davitashvili talks with workers of the editorial Board of the journal “technology youth”, 1980. Photo by Yury Ivanov / RIA Novosti

The poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko on vacation, 1966. Photos of Mastukova / Fotokhronika TASS

People’s artist of USSR, laureate of Lenin and State prizes of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, Igor Ilyinsky with his wife — actress of the Maly theatre, people’s artist of RSFSR Tatyana Alexandrovna Eremeeva at the entrance to the little theatre, 1986. Photo of Valentina Soboleva / Fotokhronika TASS

The actress of the Moscow art theatre of Russia Irina Miroshnichenko, 1971. Photo by Oleg Ivanov / RIA Novosti

Actor of the Moscow state theatre of miniatures Konstantin Raikin, 1987. Photo of Dmitry Donskoy / RIA Novosti

The artist of the State academic Bolshoi theater of the USSR Maris Liepa with her daughter Ilse, 1970. Photo by Alexander Konkova / Fotokhronika TASS

Actor Mikhail Pugovkin during the filming of the movie “Ah, vaudeville, vaudeville”, 1979. Photo of Nikolai Malyshev / Fotokhronika TASS

Natalya Nikolayevna Belokhvostikova, 1971. Photo by Rudolf Alfimov / RIA Novosti

The Director of the play and starring in the play “the Passion of the black sea” Alexander Shirvindt, 1988. Photo of Mikhail Strokov / Fotokhronika TASS

Frunzik Mkrtchyan during the film “Aibolit-66”, 1965. Photo by Dmitri Kessel / LIFE magazine photo Archive

Edita, 1964. Photo Valeria genda Rota / Fotokhronika TASS

Andrey Vasilevich Myagkov on film “Office romance”, 1976. Photo by Vladimir Vyatkin / RIA Novosti

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Source: Jjournal/dubikvit
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