Bernie Sanders astounds US voters as his election 2020 prediction is ‘100% correct’

During an interview on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last week, the United States senator predicted a number of events including Donald Trump declaring that he had won the election before mail-in ballots had been counted in the crucial swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Mr Sanders outlined the importance of every ballot that was cast in the 2020 election being counted before a winner is declared. 

Mr Fallon asked: “Although the election is November 3, it has been said that we won’t know the election result until days later, when do you think we will know the result?”

Mr Sanders said: “This is something I worry about. My view is that every vote must be counted.

“You’re going to have a situation I suspect in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, other states, where they are going to be receiving huge amounts of mail-in ballots.

“Unlike states like Florida or Vermont, they are not able to for bad reasons to begin processing those ballots until Election Day or maybe until the polls close.

“That means you are going to have states dealing with perhaps millions of mail-in ballots.”

He continued: “Here is my worry, what polls and studies show, Democrats are more likely to use mail-in ballots.

“Republicans are more likely to walk into polling booths on election day.

“It is likely that the first votes that will be counted will be those people who came in on election day which will be Republicans.

“It could well be at 10 on election night, Trump is winning in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and he gets on television and says thank you Americans for re-electing me, it’s all over.

“But then the next day and the day following all those mail-in ballots start getting counted and it turns out that Biden has won those states.

“At which point Trump says ‘see I told you the whole thing was fraudulent.

“‘I told you those mail-in ballots were crooked’.

“That is a worry that I and a lot of people have but people should be aware of that possibility.”

Some social media users took to Twitter following the initial 2020 election results to praise Mr Sanders’s prediction.

One Twitter user said: “It’s nice for this Bernie Sanders prediction to come 100 percent true on election night, just as one last reminder to Americans of what they could have had.”

Another tweeted: “Bernie’s prediction on the election is spot on so far.”

Someone else was less impressed: “While I agree Bernie was the best candidate, he’s been getting way too much credit for this. Any idiot could have predicted this outcome.”


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